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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 13

Today I left the company early. I had too much on my mind to focus on anything. My mind was all over the place and I couldn’t get myself to concentrate on one thing at a time.

I was currently in an ice cream shop, eating a big bowl of vanilla. It was my guilty pleasure and usually has a way of making me feel better. Making me feel grounded and relaxed.

My mind was still on what Claire told me about Krystal. Also about my upcoming prenuptials. I was worried that Krystal wasn’t doing as well as I had thought. That Miranda wasn’t treating her as before. I was also worried about how people will react to me mating with Sebastian. How Claire, Krystal and even Darren’s parents would react.

I haven’t talked to Darren’s parents since I left a year ago and I haven’t seen them since I came back. I would always love them because they loved me as their own, but having them in my life after what their son did to me would be too painful.

“Lauren? Is that you?” a pause then “Oh my god, it is you” then an excited squeal.

I turn to the direction of the voice. Only to find two of Darren’s pack members staring at me in shock. Megan and Lily had been my friends. At least that’s what I had thought until the saga with Darren and Miranda.

They had shunned me together with their mates. Their mates being among those who had supported Darren in leaving me. Megan and Lily had cut all contact with me, refusing to pick up my calls and even turning me away when I went to their houses.

Once during a charity event, I had seen them with Miranda. Talking and hugging each other as if they were all best friends. They had ignored me throughout the event. Not even sparing me a look.

“What do you want?” I groan.

“We wanted to say hi but we weren’t sure if it was you. You look so much different” Lily said in excitement.

They go to hug me but I stop them. Putting my hands in front of me as a barrier.

“What the hell are you doing?” I ask

“Hugging you. We’ve missed you so much” Megan says, as if it was so obvious. As if they have forgotten what they did to me.

I laugh at that. But it comes out sarcastically.

“You’ve got to be shitting me right now. Do you have selective amnesia or something?” I ask them but they don’t answer

I was getting angry. In fact I was beyond angry. I was livid. I felt the darkness within me start to rise up. I wanted to tear into them. I wanted them to scream in pain. I force its ugly head down. Refusing to give into the blood thirst.

“I know we haven’t been the greatest of friends and we are sorry” Lily says carefully, as if she was talking to a wounded animal.

“You’re right, you haven’t been the greatest of friends” I breathe. “In fact you’ve been the worst kind”

I look at them in disgust before standing up to leave.

Megan stops me by grasping my hand.

“Please just listen to us Ren, please” she begs pathetically.

“Like you listened to me right? Were you listening to me when I called you countless of times but you never answered. Or when you shut your doors in my face when I came to see you. Let’s not forget how you threw me aside in favor of Darren’s side piece. Were you my friends them?”

They don’t answer me. They actually had the gull to look guilty. To look remorseful.

“I thought so” I murmur before taking my belonging and leaving them staring and calling after me.

Both of them and Darren expected too much of me. They expected me to be the same woman I was before. As if they hadn’t broken me. As if they hadn’t shunned me and betrayed my trust.

Nobody stays the same. Especially when pain and heartbreaks are involved. Those two things change you, sometimes for the good and other for the worse.

Once I’m outside I quickly get inside my car and drive off. Megan and Lily have already ruined the peaceful energy I had started feeling and I despised them even more for that.

I decide to drive home. Since there wasn’t anywhere else I could go. Lately I feel like my life revolves around work, the hospital and home. There’s no excitement like before. No Krystal to take care of, no lunch dates with friends, no nothing. I didn’t have Krystal and my only remaining friend was Claire.

When I start getting close to home. Blue starts being restless. Prancing around my mind in agitation and nervousness.

“What is it Blue?” I didn’t like how agitated she was cause it was making me really anxious.

“I don’t know…I just sense trouble”

The tremble in her voice makes me want to turn back around. I stop myself though. Assuring both of us that everything was fine.


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