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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 140

I wake up feeling like I’ve been run over by a truck. I was exhausted and felt like my limbs were noodles. Immediately I feel the cold bed and know that Darren isn’t next to me.

Slowly opening my eyes, I take my time to recount everything that happened yesterday. I sigh when I remember Raya clawing Darren. Getting out of bed I leave for the bathroom to do my morning routine.

Part of me was afraid that Darren would look at me differently now that it was day. That he will think I’m too much trouble than it is worth. I’m afraid that he will want nothing to do with me. If that happens, I’m not sure how I will survive the rejection.

I brush my teeth and then shower. After, I dress, again in sweatpants. I wasn’t in the mood to put an effort in how I look. I just wanted to be comfortable so I opt out of doing my makeup. I then check on my mental blocks and reinforce them with another layer just in case.

Dragging my feet, I head downstairs. It was still morning and I was already feeling tired and drained. I wanted nothing more than to crawl back to bed but I knew I needed to face Darren first.

I get downstairs and my feet are drawn to the little giggles I hear coming from the kitchen. I stand at the doorway and watch Krystal and Iris. They’re baking cookies. Well I’m assuming that’s what they plan to bake. Darren wasn’t anywhere to be seen so I assumed he was at the pack house.

“I don’t know how to make them, Nanny never allowed me even though I wanted to” Iris says as she carefully breaks an egg over a bowl.

“Don’t worry about it little sis, I’ve got you…I’ll teach you” Krystal tells her sweetly.

Iris looks at her in confusion. Her brows are furrowed as she tries to figure something out.

“You called me little sis…I don’t understand, your dad is with Mayra who is my mommy but then Colton told me that you’re his sister but his parents are Mrs. Lauren and Sir Sebastian. I’m so confused”

I see Krystal wince a little and it makes me almost laugh. Krystal has a complicated family so I’m dying to see how she explains everything to Iris.

“Well it’s all very complicated…My mom is Lauren and my dad is Darren. Sebastian is my step dad. He married my mom and had Colton and now Rhett and Tessa. I also have another brother called Jax, I think you’ve met him” she pauses and Iris nods.

“So my dad is sort of married to your mom so that makes you my little sister” she finishes.

Iris looks intrigued. “So you have two moms and two dads?”

“Bingo, four parents and now three brothers and two sisters”

“You have a lot of family…I was always alone, but now I have a mommy and Sir Darren said I could him dad. That means you’re my sister, I’ve always wanted a sister” Iris says with tears in her eyes.

I feel for her honestly. I can’t imagine having no one else in the world except that bitch of a nanny. I hope her soul burns in hell for what she put Iris through.

“You’ll never be alone Iris, you’re now family. You have a mom and dad. A sister and a whole bunch of uncles and aunties. Not to mention grandparents…we’re all here for you”

Krystal notices the tears in Iris' eyes and stops what she’s doing. “Come here baby sis”

She engulfs her in a warm hug and they just hold onto each other for a while. Darren and Ren did one hell of a job raising Krystal. She was to be the next Oracle yet she was so humble and caring. It made my heart swell.

Leaving my hiding place I go to them and sweep both of them in a hug. I feel so content. I kiss both of them before letting them go.

“Morning Krystal, morning Iris”

“Morning” they replied in unison, both with smiles on their faces.

“So what are you guys making this fine morning?” I ask.

“We’re baking cookies. Krystal is teaching me how to!”

I laugh at the excitement in Iris’s voice and face. This is one of the things I love about her. The fact that she takes pleasure in small things. Things that most people would take for granted.

“Okay, then I’ll let you guys get to it while I take my breakfast”

They nod but it’s distracted. They're both focused on what they’re doing and their conversation. It was like I wasn’t even there at all. I love that Krystal was already acting like a big sister. That she was able to put Iris to ease.

Seeing her like this, you wouldn’t believe that she was going to be the most powerful wolf. It’s given. She literally has powers. Gifted to her by the Goddess. In a few years she’ll be working closely with her mother.

“So you and my dad, huh?” her voice pulls me back to reality.

I notice that Iris is busy cutting the dough with a cookie cutter. I look at Krystal. She is a mix of both Darren and Ren. Her obsidian eyes remind me of her father. When she was younger she had brown hair but as she got older it changed. Now it was more copper than brown. Just like her mother, she was drop dead gorgeous even though she was only thirteen.

Darren is lucky she’s in training and being an Oracle, she isn’t allowed to be with a man. She’s supposed to remain a virgin. Otherwise, he would have a hard time keeping boys from sniffing around her. It also doesn’t help that she already has curves to die for.

“Are you okay with that, I’m sure it must be a bit of surprise”

She stares at me before she burst out laughing. “Are you kidding me Aunt Mayra? I saw you two happening before you were in each other’s radar. It was cute seeing you two trying to hide your relationship”

I let out a nervous chuckle. “I sometimes forget about your gift”

“I’m very much okay with you two being together. After dad’s dumb actions made him lose mom to dad Sebastian, I was afraid he would remain alone forever. I’m glad you came to our lives. Both of you needed each other. You were each other’s anchor and you kept each other from drowning”

“Anyone ever tell you that you’re too mature for your age?”

She smirks. “It’s part of being an Oracle. Don’t get me wrong, I did some dumb shit when I was younger but I managed to fix that. You and dad belong with each. Let him in and I promise you, you won’t regret it. You will face…”

She stops speaking and starts worrying her natural red lips.

“Krys?” I push.

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