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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 145


I have never been this happy my entire life. I thought things couldn’t get better after Raya died but they did. Everyone was there to help me heal and to help me pick myself up and move forward. Darren was my biggest supporter. He had been the source of my strength and my pillar on those days the pain and guilt was all consuming.

Alice was tried and sentenced by the council of elders. She was now rotting in the council’s prison and she wouldn’t ever get out unless it was in a body bag.

It was weird living without Raya but slowly by slowly I started getting used to it. She was at a better place, I kept reminding myself. A place where she didn’t know pain or struggles. That was enough for me. That was what kept me going most days. It took time but I finally got to a place where I accepted her death and that it was meant to happen.

Just like Darren had said, the pack had accepted me. I didn’t get any trouble from anyone and they all respected me despite knowing that I had lost my wolf.

“Are you ladies ready? It’s almost time” Sebastian asks, walking into my room and shutting the door softly behind him.

“We’re almost done… I was just finishing feeding Tessa. Claire and Lily are putting the final touches on our bride” Ren answers, wiping the milk from Tess’ mouth.

Sebastian smiles at her.

Rhett was out cold on the bed. They were a year and half old and Ren still breast fed them. They were weaned and they did eat solid food but she still supplemented them with her milk.

I asked her once why she still breast fed them when most women would have already completely stopped. She said that she liked to and she didn’t mind. That she would continue doing so until they were at least two years old.

“You look beautiful, Mayra” he turns to me and gives me a hug.

You guessed it, it was my wedding day and I couldn’t be happier. We performed the mating ceremony about two months back, after I felt I was ready. I thought that would be enough but Darren insisted on a wedding. He said he wanted both wolves and humans to know I was taken. His mark ensured that and so would a ring. So here we are today.

“Thank you” I smile back.

“Okay, I will leave you to finish up…I’ll send Krystal up to call you once it’s time”

We all nod and he leaves as quietly as he came.

“I’m so excited. We haven’t had a wedding in years” Claire all but screams.

“Me too” Lily adds before wobbling to take a seat on the bed.

She was eight months pregnant with her second baby. Looking at her bump makes me look down.

“Are you okay? The dress isn’t too tight is it?” Ren asks, placing Tess on the floor.

She didn’t like being held most of the time and the only one she tolerates holding her for long periods of time is her dad.

“I’m okay, just counting my blessings” I answer, rubbing my bump.

I was five months along and we were expecting a boy. We were both excited but Darren’s was on another level. When I told him that I was pregnant, he cried. When we found out the gender he had been ecstatic.

He said that he would have been happy regardless if it were a girl but for the longest time he wanted a boy. Especially after he found out that his actions had caused Ren to miscarry their unborn son.

I shake those sad thoughts and focus on the present just as the door opens. Krystal walks hand in hand with Iris. They looked beautiful.

“You ready to get hitched to dad Aunt Mayra?” she asks excitedly.

“I’m already hitched to him in every way that counts. This is just his way of keeping human men away from me”

Everyone laughs at that.

“Can you blame him? I think it’s a male thing” she says with a shrug before turning to face everyone else. She frowns when she looks at her mother.

“You’re not pregnant again, right?” she asks her worriedly.

“Not that I know of…why?”

“Because I have enough siblings to make a small football team…I mean with the addition of Aunt Mayra’s baby, those are six siblings and only one of them is above the age of six…Not that I don’t love them but just give a girl a break okay?”

We all chuckle.

“I’m not the one you should be worried about…you should have that convo with your dad, Sebastian and I are done but I think Darren and Mayra are just beginning.”

She turns to face.

“Don’t look at me, I’m not the one with super fast swimmers” I put my hands up in surrender.

“I so did not need to hear that” she says, making a barfing motion before continuing. “Then if mom isn’t pregnant and you and Aunt Lily are already expecting then it means Aunt Claire’s baby is the one I’m sensing”

We all turn to look at Claire who looks like a deer caught in headlights.

“Damn it, I thought I was done” she says, falling on the chair next to her.

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