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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 32

My eyes narrow. “How did you know that?” I ask my voice dangerously calm.

Gosh he better not have installed a camera without my permission. Not that I have anything to hide but it was a breach of my privacy.

“That’s beside the point” he growls coldly

“Nothing is beside the point, Sebastian. Now how the hell did you know he was on my lap?”

I was furious because this meant that he either had cameras installed or he had someone spying on me. The camera option seemed more likely.

“I don’t like the type of tone you’re taking with me Lauren. Have you forgotten who the hell I am?”

Why was this even turning into an argument? I just wanted to know how the hell he knew. Like I said, I swore that I wouldn’t let a man control me. This felt like he was trying to control me. Monitoring my every move, just like Darren did. How did I never see how toxic that was?

“And have you forgotten that I am your Luna? You freaking mate” I counter.

I was stretching it a bit far but I was also trying to make my point without giving away our secret. After all, Hunter was still in the room. Our argument didn’t even faze him. He had yet to lift his head from my lap.

“Goddess, you’re a pain in my ass” he says and I roll my eyes. “Fine! I had your office installed with cameras”

I fucking knew it. It pisses me off because he didn’t tell me. Just like with the decision of having a personal bodyguard he didn’t consult me first. Just made the decision without caring about my input.

“Now tell me why he’s lying on your fucking lap. You’re mated in case you have forgotten and I won’t let you embarrass me in that manner Red.”

I didn’t even know I could get angrier. I was beyond pissed, beyond angry. I was fucking livid. My chest heaving

“Since you have the footage, why don’t you listen to the fucking audio instead of asking me stupid questions” I snap. Yelling through the phone before hanging up.

I almost throw the phone across the room but then I remember that it’s not mine. I know I’m probably making matters worse but I don’t stand up immediately. Instead I burry my fingers in Hunters thick brown hair and give him a massage. I didn’t know where exactly the cameras were but I smiled just so I could piss him off even more.

‘You know you shouldn’t piss him off. We need him after all” Blue says in amusement.

‘He also shouldn’t piss me off, after all he is also benefiting from this unholy union’ I murmur, making her chuckle. Her voice bringing a small smile to my face.

My phone rings twice interrupting my conversation with Blue. I ignore it. It was probably Sebastian. It’s confirmed when Hunter's phone rings again but I don’t pick it up. After about three tries he gives up. Thirty minutes later Hunter was snoring. I carefully replace my lap with a pillow.

I sit at my desk and get back to work. There were some designs I liked so I approved them and set them aside. The others weren’t really bad but they needed something more. So I made modifications in each one, showcasing the areas it needs improvement.

“What’re you doing back to work?” Claire asks, bursting through the door. Scaring the living crap out of me.

In her dramatic entrance she wakes up Hunter. Who looks around in confusion before his face falls.

“Could you not do that again? You almost gave me a heart attack” I accuse, narrowing my eyes at her.

She doesn’t even seem fazed when she speaks up. “You should be home resting.”

My eyes turn to look at Hunter. He is slumped on the coach like a bag of potatoes. He looks like someone who has lost all hope and is just waiting to die.

“I’ve been resting for over a week. I couldn’t stay at home doing nothing”

“But you woke up yesterday” she argues.

I just shrug my shoulders. Despite feeling a little bit drained and tired I knew I couldn’t stay at home. I’m not one to stay still. I have to be up doing something.

Hunter releases a groan and Claire turns to him. As if only noticing him then.

“Oh hello, I remember you. Sorry I didn’t see you there” Claire tells him and he nods in acknowledgment, but in a completely lifeless way.

Poor guy. Anyone seeing him right now will have a hard time believing that he is one of Sebastian’s top warriors.

“What’s wrong with him? He looks like someone ran over his cat” she inquires looking at me.

“I don’t have a cat” he says softly but we ignore him.

I sigh. “Sheryl is his mate”

Her eyes widen in shock. Her mouth opening and closing like a fish. It was comical how she was trying to form words but nothing came out. She was speechless.

“What am I going to do?” Hunter asks. Almost begging.

Claire takes a seat opposite me. Her arm was on my desk and her fingers were drumming. Her eyes closed into slits as she thought.

“Why don’t you try wooing her?” I suggest. “Like humans do”

Claire immediately chimes in. “Oh yes. Ask her out. Take her on dates. Buy her flowers. Make her fall in love with you. Since she’s your mate she’ll feel the connection even though she doesn’t understand it”

“Once she’s head over heels in love with you, it will be easier for her to accept that you’re not completely human” she finishes. Bouncing on her chair in excitement. A big smile on her face.

I nod my head. I watch Hunter’s face begin to relax. Hope filling his once sad eyes.


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