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The Silent Wife novel (Rachel and Justin) novel Chapter 10

Before long, Amber’s cries for help had drawn a group of people from the front hall. As Rachel had expected, the first thing Amber did after being rescued from the pond was to question her tearfully, “Why did you push me, Rachel?”

Rachel frowned at the sight of the reproachful eyes from the people around her. However, with so many people watching, what ought to be explained had to be explained. She shook her head while explaining with sign language. I didn’t push her.

Amber, the only person at the scene who could understand what she was signing, snickered in her heart. She pretended to look shocked and replied loudly, “Did you say that you hate me? Rachel… Why would you hate me? We’re blood sisters… How could you be so cruel?”

Rachel’s expression turned cold, for Amber had wilfully distorted the meaning of her explanation. Judging from the peculiar expressions of those around her, they obviously believed Amber’s lies. Thanks to the lies that Amber deliberately spread, everyone in the Burton Residence knew that Justin loved Amber but ended up marrying Rachel—the one who had schemed to get married to him. As a result, they loathed Rachel and sympathized with Amber. Moreover, the latter won their favor with her honeyed words.

“The way I see it, she did it because she’s envious of Miss Amber.”

“What a vicious woman she is! She even laid a hand on her sister.”

“She looks pitiful on the outside, but she has such a wicked heart.”

Amber felt smug deep down inside upon hearing the comments around her, yet she pretended to look aggrieved as she turned to Sue. “What happened isn’t what you think it is, Madam Parham. My sister didn’t do it on purpose!”

Sue’s eyes were as piercing as knives as she scolded Rachel harshly, “What a dishonest and vicious woman you are! A woman like you doesn’t have to stay at the Burton Residence anymore!”

Amber even added fuel to the fire as she said, “Please let my sister off, Madam Parham. I understand her; if it weren’t for my sudden visit to the Burton Residence, she wouldn’t have been provoked to the point of doing this to me.”


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