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The Silent Wife novel (Rachel and Justin) novel Chapter 11

Sue frowned in displeasure. This mute simply won’t back down! she thought to herself. “The servants around have seen you pushing Amber into the pond. Do you still want to make excuses for yourself?”

These people were far away in the front hall when Amber fell into the pond. Do they have clairvoyance? She didn’t even bother to tell a more convincing lie, Rachel thought to herself. Her jaw was set. Evidently, she didn’t believe such a ridiculous excuse.

The atmosphere was tense for a moment; the Burton Family purposely said that the surveillance camera was broken, yet Rachel couldn’t forcibly have the surveillance videos checked. Just then, a familiar and gentle voice spoke from behind them. “I can prove that she didn’t push the other woman.”

Rachel was stunned when she saw who the visitor was. Isn’t he… Dr. Peters?

The slender young man walked toward them and came to Sue’s side. He said, “I’m back, Mom.”

Sue beamed with delight at once as she affectionately held her son’s arm. “Weren’t you supposed to come back this afternoon, Julian? Why did you come back in advance?”

Julian answered with a smile, “Actually, I came back half a month ago—it’s just that I interned at the hospital for some time. I came back today to give you a surprise at first, but I didn’t expect to see such a scene.” As he spoke of this, his eyes fell on Amber, and his smile faded somewhat. “I clearly saw you falling into the pond yourself. Why did you accuse Miss Hudson of pushing you into the pond?”

Everyone was stunned upon hearing his words. In particular, Amber had a slight change in countenance, and she bit her lip. “I… I… I felt like Rachel pushed me. P-Perhaps… I was wrong.”

Mrs. Duncan was about to say something, but Sue instantly silenced her with a glance. After all, she knew how stubborn her son was. Now that he had seen it, the tension would only rise if others continued to mislead him. At the thought of this, she turned to look at Rachel in a disapproving attitude. “You and Amber are sisters. She isn’t an outsider, so a little misunderstanding isn’t a big deal.”

Amber nodded vigorously as she took the opportunity Sue had given her to get herself out of the awkward situation. “That’s right, Rachel. I must’ve mistaken someone else for you, and I’m sorry about that. Don’t take it to heart.”


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