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The Silent Wife novel (Rachel and Justin) novel Chapter 17


Chapter 17 

“Holy smokes, how exciting this is! That‘s Mr. Burton‘s wife! What a cheater! 

“Speaking of which, why would Mr. Burton marry someone who‘s mute? It makes no sense whatsoever.‘ 

‘The lady‘s quite the looker herself. Just how specific are her tastes for her to go after a bald teacher like him? That‘s just so gross! 

Instantly, Justin read a series of stinging comments. He stood up with a whoosh before picking up his jacket and leaving the office. 

Meanwhile, Frankie hastily followed him. 

Oh dear, Mrs. Burton is going to be in trouble

Justin soon drove home in his Maybach, and he immediately flung his phone at Rachel the moment he stepped inside the house. 

Rachel was taking an afternoon nap when he did so, her eyes suddenly fluttering open from his actions. Her eyes were still hazy with sleep when she quickly sat up and picked up his phone. She looked at it in confusion for a few moments before opening up the link displayed on the screen. As she scrolled further down, her expression sank. 

Who was the one who posted all of that online? 

Many people knew about what had happened 


back during her high school days, but she had lived a peaceful life for so many years since then. Why was it resurfacing now

A frosty and low voice rang out above her. “What is going on here?” 

Rachel pressed her lips together tightly, and her expression could not get any more tense. She quickly scribbled out her answer on a piece of paper. ‘I don‘t know what‘s going on either.‘ 

Everything was pure fiction, be it the bald teacher‘s claims, the lies that she had seduced a teacher, or the other slanderous stories! 

Justin still didn‘t make a sound. All of a sudden, Sue came into the room with Amber in tow. She charged over furiously and pointed at Rachel‘s head while tearing into her by saying, “You shameless woman! You‘ve completely ruined the Burtons‘ name! All those ugly past deeds of yours are plastered over the internet right now!” 


Deep down, Amber wasn‘t afraid of all those lies and blind beliefs. She feigned a hurt look on her face and said, “Why are you talking to me in such a way? I‘m just worried about you.” 

I guess Amber is just too into her role. Itll be a pity if she doesnt go on to become an actress, Rachel thought to herself. 

Sue pointed a finger at Rachel‘s nose. “All right, you mute––you clearly ended up like this because you gave into temptation willingly and have no respect for yourself, and you‘re here playing the victim? I‘m going to kick you out of the Burton Family today. We do not want women who aren‘t mindful of their conduct!” 


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