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The Silent Wife novel (Rachel and Justin) novel Chapter 16

Chapter 16 

Meanwhile, Amber was savoring her freshly painted fingernails. She tucked her cell phone between her chin and her shoulder as she greeted, “Hi, Madam Parham.” 

It‘s me. Amber. There‘s something that I‘d like to talk to you about.” 

Amber straightened up upon hearing Sue‘s words. “Please tell me about it, Madam Parham. After listening to Sue‘s words, she hung up the phone and stared blankly at a spot on the floor. 

After Jefferey came back from his company, he waved his hand before her eyes. “What‘s wrong with you, Amber?” 

His daughter came back to her senses and grabbed his arm at once. “Dad! You must help me with the matter that I told you last time!” 

Jefferey was startled for a moment before he knitted his brows. “Don‘t fool around! Rachel is still of use to me in the Burton Residence, so don‘t do anything foolish.” 

Amber was unconvinced. “Dad, I can also help you if I win the two men‘s hearts. Why must you count on Rachel, that mute? What can she do?” 

Even though Jefferey doted on Amber, he was aware of her willfulness. “That’s enough, Amber. All you have to do is win Julian‘s heart. It will be better if you can make him do 


whatever you say since that will enable my plan to be better accomplished in the future. Don‘t think about everything else. Justin has a heart of stone, so you‘d better not mess with him.” 

Amber shook her head. “No, no, no. Youre wrong, Dad. Justin is very nice to me. He likes me, and I‘m confident of making him fall in love with me. As for Julian, he‘ll also be mine sooner or later–please say yes, Dad. If you get Rachel out of the Burton Residence, my plan will be halfway accomplished! Please, Dad!” 

However, Jefferey didn‘t want to see Amber making trouble no matter how much he doted on her. “All right, don‘t say that anymore. I won‘t help you with this, so you should stop having designs on Justin as soon as possible. I‘ll never let him off, let alone allow you to fall in love with him. That‘s impossible.” 


Rachel was watering the flowers when she received a phone call from an unfamiliar number. It was not until she heard the voice on 

Rachel simply wanted to laugh. Theyre father and daughter, yet one is forcing me to stay at the Burton Residence while the other is threatening and asking me to leave instead. Does that make a fencesitter who does whatever they want me to do? she thought to herself. 


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