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The Silent Wife novel (Rachel and Justin) novel Chapter 21

Chapter 21 

It felt like a dream to Rachel as Justin carried her into his car; she couldn‘t even feel the pain in her knees anymore. It was the first time she felt that this man wasn‘t as cruel and heartless as he seemed on the surface. 

Rachel looked at him as she sat inside the car. Why did you help me

Justin still hadn‘t answered the question that she had asked him back in the principal‘s office. After all, deliberately going through the effort to set up a trap did not seem like something that he would do. 

Justin watched as her hands signed away. Even though he couldn‘t understand sign language, he could still figure out her thoughts through the grateful look in Rachel‘s eyes. 

“You don‘t have to thank me. I didn‘t do it for you.” Justin‘s tone was as cold as his expression. “I only looked into this matter for the Burtons‘ reputation. You married into my family, so you are a Burton. It‘s best that you behave yourself so that we can live together peacefully. Otherwise, do not blame me for my callousness if you cause another controversy like this.” 

The icy voice resounding around the car interior instantly smothered the warmth flickering in Rachel‘s heart. Thats right. Why would Justin go through so much trouble for me


Rachel couldn‘t stop herself from shivering at the memory of his treatment of her last night. It wasn‘t cold, but she still shuddered. If something like this happened again, Justin would certainly kick her out. 

As such, neither of them spoke on the trip 


Justin did not stay after he sent Rachel back to the Burton home. Instead, he got the chauffeur to send him to his workplace. Soon, the car sped down the highway. 

“Everything with the school has been dealt with, Mr. Burton. There won‘t be any rumors about that past incident anymore. The media outlets have also prepared their scripts for their apologies.” 

Justin leaned back in the back seat, his eyes closed as he rested. His handsome features were reflected in the window‘s glass, but his expression turned harsher and colder. “A mere gym teacher wouldn‘t have been able to spread the news about such an old incident and cause it to come back to public consciousness.” 

“You‘re saying that someone else is behind the incident‘s resurgence?” 

“Investigate the situation properly before he‘s handed over.” 



The next morning, news of Rachel‘s gym teacher sexually harassing female students surged to the top of many trending news lists, and multiple victims jointly voiced their condemnation. News about the Young Mistress of the Burton Family was promptly buried by this, dropping from its top spot on the trending list. Discussions about that promptly fell to the wayside. 

“The gym teacher has already been handed over to the relevant authorities. We will continue to follow up on the developments regarding his years of crimes...” 

A reporter was narrating the news for the day on the television screen. 

“You can‘t believe the news nowadays–they‘re always changing their stories every day.” Sue huffily switched the television off. She then crossed her arms and sat on the couch, fuming. 

She initially thought that she could use that piece of news to kick out that eyesore of a mute, but she hadn‘t expected for the mute to be wrongfully accused. Even more surprisingly, it was Justin who personally brought the mute with him to get to the bottom of the matter. 

Could it be? Sue‘s brows furrowed. How was it possible, though? She had personally raised Justin herself. How could he be interested in someone like Rachel? Yet, she still couldn‘t figure out why Justin continued allowing Rachel 


to stay with the Burtons. 

“Miss Hudson is here, Madam Parham.” 

The servant‘s voice pulled Sue‘s thoughts back to reality 

“You‘re here, Amber.” Sue got up to greet the woman. “Why are you here so early in the morning? Have you... seen the news?” 

“News? What news?” Amber sat down on the couch as she looked at Sue with a puzzled expression. 


innocence of a mute woman? He had to be doing it for the Burtons‘ reputation. That damned girl

“I shall call her now.” 

Rachel stretched a hand out from under her blanket and weakly signed. Did something happen


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