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The Silent Wife novel (Rachel and Justin) novel Chapter 20

Chapter 20 

Justin had brought a sign language teacher to the principal‘s office so that she could help Rachel interpret her responses. 

At that moment, the woman clenched her teeth and met the PE teacher‘s gaze. The person in the video isnt me. Please explain yourself

“How can it not be you?” the PE teacher insisted. “You were the one who seduced me back then.” 

Youre lying. Rachel quickly signed. Why would I seduce you

When the teacher‘s interpreted response reached Justin‘s ears, he fell into thought. Although Rachel was a mute, she was still the eldest daughter of the Hudson Family after putting aside her unfortunate circumstances. It was indeed unexpected to think that she would seduce an ugly PE teacher. 

However, the PE teacher had his own comeback. “You wanted to raise your gym scores. The university you applied for required excellent scores across the board, but your grades for gym were too low. You couldn‘t successfully tempt me and you threatened me with a video clip, so I was forced to change your scores.” 

Rachel‘s face drained of color, and she frantically defended herself by signing away, 


“How could I seduce a teacher just to change my scores?‘ 

The way Justin looked at her changed. Amidst the tense stand–off, he gave an order coldly. “Check the records,” he said. 

The school records would have all of a student‘s grades, and everything would be clear as long as they checked the records. 

Rachel‘s school records were soon retrieved. Despite her muteness, she excelled in every subject, save for the ‘fail‘ grade at the end of her second semester as a sophomore, which had been struck out with red pen. 

Anyone could see what the problem was since the grade had been changed to a higher one when she had failed it. 

Intense coldness bubbled instantly in Justin‘s eyes. “What else do you have to say for yourself?” he asked Rachel coldly. 

Rachel‘s face was even whiter than the walls around her, and she shook her head weakly. 

Smack. The packet containing her school records was flung onto the desk. “From now on, you are no longer the mistress of the Burton Family.” 

The entire office went horrendously silent after those words fell. 


Rachel panicked. She didn‘t dare to believe that Justin would so easily believe the PE teacher‘s testimony 

No, she could not let the Burtons hate her! She had to explain things clearly since she couldn‘t afford to leave the Burtons. After all, her grandmother was still in Jeffrey‘s clutches. 

Since she was still in a panic, Rachel blocked Justin‘s path and hastily signed something. I can get my schoolmates back then to back me up

“There‘s no need for that. We Burtons have already been embarrassed enough!” Justin‘s tone was cold beyond belief. He swept his gaze over her in distaste and left with large strides, not once hesitating at all. 

“Allow me to send you off, Mr. Burton.” The principal quickly followed him. Meanwhile, the teachers who were left behind also scattered. 

Rachel‘s mind was blank as she looked at Justin‘s back. Someone bumped into her, and she staggered from the impact. Her knees crashed against the coffee table from this, and she crouched down from the pain. 

“Are you okay, Rachel?” a man called out behind her. 

Rachel snapped out of her pain. She reflexively turned around, but before she could regain her 


footing, she hastily took several steps back to look fearfully at the bald man before her. 

Everyone else in the office had left; she and the PE teacher were the only ones left. 

Don‘t come closer

“I thought that there was going to be a huge disaster since Justin Burton came knocking on the school‘s door.” The PE teacher chuckled coldly. “Who would have thought that it would be resolved so easily? Looks like your time with the Burtons hasn‘t been great, Rachel.” 

The latter‘s limbs instantly chilled. She looked at the door through the corners of her eyes before she tried to make a break for it. However, the PE teacher‘s eyes were sharp and his movements were swift. In one move, he gripped her arm and dragged her back roughly before viciously flinging her onto the couch. “You haven‘t even explained yourself properly. Why are you running?” he asked maliciously. 

Rachel saw stars from the impact, and her heart dropped into an abyss. 


Dont touch me! Someone, save me

Dont come closer..

All of a sudden, the office‘s door was sent flying onto the wall with a loud crash. The entire room practically shook. The next moment, the PE 

Didnt he leave


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