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The Silent Wife novel (Rachel and Justin) novel Chapter 23

Chapter 23

“Clean up this place and pour another cup of tea,” ordered Sue.

After the woman left, Rachel fished her cell phone out of the kitchen sink. Unfortunately, the cell phone had been thoroughly submerged under water and could not be switched on anymore.

Rachel didn’t expect Amber to have the nerve to be so reckless in the Burton Residence. However, when she recalled how Amber had just acted like a spoiled child in front of Justin, she was somewhat saddened. It wasn’t because of Justin, but because she had seen Amber having her way in such a way as she grew up. Amber will get whatever she wants as long as she acts like a spoiled child before the people around her. On the contrary, I… Never mind, everyone has their own destiny, she thought to herself. After putting her cell phone away, she gathered the porcelain shards and threw them into the garbage can without saying a word. Then, she dished up the desserts again, made the tea, and brought them to the living room.

At this moment, the servants had treated the wound on Amber’s hand. In reality, her injury wasn’t serious. It was merely a small cut made by the porcelain shards, and it had stopped bleeding while the servant was bandaging it, but Amber’s eyes were still teary. “It hurts so much, Justin. Is the wound not bandaged properly?”

Justin held her hand and looked at it carefully. Then, he replied impassively, “It’s not a big deal. If you‘re worried, I’ll have someone take you to the hospital.”

“Will the wound be infected? I might have to get a tetanus shot.”

Rachel felt like laughing deep down inside upon hearing Amber’s words. The woman studied medicine herself, yet she pretended to be naive and ignorant.

“Why are you still standing over there, Rachel?” Sue snapped when she suddenly noticed Rachel coming out. “Not only are you mute, but you’re clumsy and oblivious as well. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and come over to apologize to Amber.”

Rachel was stunned. Why should she apologize? She didn’t do anything wrong. After putting down the desserts and the tea, she silently stepped to one side.

Sue refused to let her off, though. “Did you hear me telling you to apologize? Are you not only mute but also deaf?”

“Never mind, Madam Parham.” Amber leaned against Justin while assuming a magnanimous demeanor. “Rachel probably didn’t mean it.”

Upon hearing Amber’s words, Sue took her hand and replied, “You’re too kind-hearted. No wonder you were hoodwinked by some heartless people. If only you were the daughter-in-law of the Burton


Upon hearing her words, all the servants in the Burton Residence had a peculiar look in their eyes.

Rachel clenched her fists secretly as she felt deeply humiliated. After all, Sue’s attitude toward her was the most important reason why she had no position in the Burton Family.

“It’s getting late. I came back to get something, and I have to go back to the company in a while. Have a nice chat.” Justin’s voice interrupted their conversation as his tall figure stood up from the sofa. He then shot a glance at Rachel before saying, “Come with me.”

A startled Rachel looked at Justin in surprise. Is he helping me out of this predicament?

Sue’s face darkened for a moment as she watched Rachel and Justin going upstairs. She said angrily, “This mute really does have some tricks up her sleeve. She has made Justin so protective of her!”

Amber thought nothing of it, though. “Justin is only doing so because he pities her, Madam Parham. If he really was protecting her, why didn’t he refute your words?” In her opinion, not only was Justin not protecting Rachel, he even loathed the woman very much. Perhaps he called her upstairs at this moment to give her a dressing-down. It’s her fault that I’m wounded, after all, she thought to herself. She

felt incredibly smug upon recalling how attentive Justin was to her just now.

Meanwhile, after Justin closed the door to his study, Rachel took out the pen and paper she had brought with her, wrote down a sentence, and showed it to him. ‘Thank you for helping me out just now.’

Justin glanced at the sentence and snorted coldly. “Helping you out? That’s just your imagination.”

Rachel was startled.

“What happened in the kitchen just now?”


Are you unwilling to do so?” Justin’s voice sounded in her ear.

“You’ve been married to me for such a long time, but you have not returned to your parents’ home, right?”


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