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The Silent Wife novel (Rachel and Justin) novel Chapter 24

Chapter 24

After returning from the Burton Residence, Amber was on cloud nine.

been, Amber?”

Since Amber had just set foot into the house and hadn’t noticed her father sitting on the couch, she was taken aback by his voice. “I… I went to the Burton Residence… You wanted me to get close to

Justin, right?”

“Foolery!” After smacking his hand against the table, her father sprung up from his seat. “I asked for you to get close to the family, not fool around as you wish! Explain the news to me.”

She asked guiltily, “What news? l-l’ve got no idea.”

As if!” Jefferey was utterly vexed as he said, “You’re my daughter, and I’ll never allow you to be married to such a rascal like Justin Burton. You’ve seen what he’s capable of, and he’s a bone-deep schemer!”

After having countless exchanges with Justin, Jefferey had long figured out that the former was a man who never let his actions be limited by moral boundaries. Otherwise, Jefferey wouldn’t have taken the risk of offending the man by sending Rachel over as a substitute spouse.

On the other hand, Amber, who had a different opinion, saw a slight relief of tension on her father’s face and immediately took the opportunity to grab his arm. As she tried to charm her father, she expressed, “Don’t worry, Dad. In truth, Justin treats me very well. Earlier today, he even gave Rachel a good scolding right in front of me, believing whatever I told him! From what I see, there’s no point letting Rachel stay in the Burton Family.”

Gradually, she revealed everything that had taken place in the Burton Residence earlier. Of course, it was filled with twists of her own.

The more Jefferey listened, the uneasier he grew. “Listen to me, Amber-Justin is no simple man. Do you think he hasn’t seen through your subtle gestures?”

For a man who dwelled so deep in the business world, Justin had certainly witnessed every plot that could happen. Thus, how could he possibly fall for mere tricks of a simple-minded girl?

“Jeez, Dad, don’t worry! I promise I’ll get married into the Burton Family, and by then, Justin would surely help with our business.”

“Amber!” Jefferey was outraged, and he revealed a glaring gaze as he rebuked, “This will be my last warning! I won’t allow you to proceed with this fantasy of yours. If you still insist on it, I’ll send you out of the country to continue your studies at once, and you’ll no longer have to even think about Julian.”

Amber dumbfoundedly stared at her father’s stern look and quickly swallowed up the words she was about to speak as a smirk froze on her face. It was not until she finally regained her senses that she nodded her head, agreeing to her father’s words.

Upon seeing his daughter so dispirited, Jefferey felt slightly sympathetic and patiently stated, “I’m only deciding this for your sake. Don’t be mad, okay? Go get some rest now. Justin’s coming to visit in the morning.”

“Justin’s coming to our place?” Amber’s eyes instantly twinkled.

Is he coming because he knows I’m hurt?

The next second, her father’s words shattered her dreams. “If Rachel was indeed of no use, she would’ve returned without her husband.”

“Return? Rachel’s coming back as well?”

end everything you have going on with Justin, and do not cause any trouble tomorrow.”

Although Amber was dissatisfied, she didn’t dare to show her objection to her father.

In her mind, Rachel wasn’t even competition, so Justin had to be coming for her.

As for Julian, she had already formed a plan to bait him.

These men will surely fall under my grasp!

The next morning, Justin brought Rachel back to the Hudson Family.

In the living room were gifts of all shapes and sizes, which left the servants of the family peering in confusion.

Isn’t Miss Rachel said to be completely worthless in the Burton Family, even more so than the servants there?

Besides, the man was supposed to be hideous according to the rumors, but that wasn’t the case at all. Despite the scar on his face, his appearance was impeccable. Instead, the scar had proven to be a boost to his masculinity.


Upon seeing this, Amber was drenched in envy as she saltily uttered, “Wow, Justin, you’re so nice to Rachel. She’s very fortunate to have entered the Burton Family!”

“Mr. Hudson.” Justin lifted his commissures and greeted, “These are some simple gifts I’ve prepared for you, including a couple of presents specifically chosen for the both of you since it’s our first time meeting.”

Upon those words, Amber’s eyes instantly glistened. “There’s a present for me too?

With that, Justin glanced at Rachel.

Justin had given her the bag before they came down from the car, and she didn’t know what was inside it either


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