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The Silent Wife novel (Rachel and Justin) novel Chapter 29

Chapter 29

The moment Rachel heard the familiar female voice, her back immediately became stiff. Then, she turned around to see Amber standing at the door in a white robe, staring back at her with an arrogant look.

Why are you here? Rachel was shocked.

Nancy frowned. Subconsciously, she held Rachel’s hand tight and bit her tongue.

“I’m here to do my internship. Do you think everyone’s like you-unemployed and living off the elderly?” Amber mocked Rachel nastily.


Rachel stared at Amber in shock.

Indeed, Amber was dressed in a white robe of Riverdale General Hospital. Holding the patients’ record book, she entered the ward and walked up to Rachel and Nancy. “What a coincidence. I’m assigned to do a checkup for your grandma on the first day of my job.”

Rachel instinctively put her guard up and stood in front of Nancy protectively.

“Rae.” Nancy patted Rachel’s shoulder before looking at Amber and said calmly, “I’ve never thought that the second daughter of the Hudson Family would leave the family business aside to work in a hospital. What an ambitious girl.”

Amber had an arrogant look on her face. “The elderly sure know how to speak appropriately. Unlike someone, who’s not only a mute but even irritates the others.”

Truth was, Amber had arrived at the hospital early in the morning and the director received her personally. Besides that, everyone in the hospital treated her respectfully.

Hearing that, Nancy snorted, “But alas, a person with an evil heart can never be a good doctor. Amber Hudson, I don’t need you to do my checkup. Please ask another medical staff to come.”

“What did you say?” Amber’s expression changed. “Who are you calling evil-hearted?”

“The one who attacks others like a mad dog.”

All this while, Nancy’s temper wasn’t the best thanks to the hostile treatment she had received during the early years when she raised Rachel on her own.

Moreover, she had seen the doings of Jefferey and Amber over the years. If it wasn’t that she wished for Rachel to receive adequate education, she wouldn’t allow Rachel to stay in the Hudson Family.

Amber had never been provoked like this before, so she immediately yelled, “You old hag, don’t you be ungrateful! It’s your honor to have me do a checkup for you, yet you call me evil-hearted?! The evil ones here are you and your daughter who passed away at a young age. She was a mistress and still wanted to retain a good reputation? Serves her right to give birth to a daughter who is a mute. All these are retributions!”

“You…” Nancy was so annoyed that her face turned pale. With her hand placed at her chest, she was at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, Rachel was stirred up. She quickly helped Nancy with her breathing while waving her hands at Amber, gesturing for her to stop going on.

“What? Did I hit on the nail and make you feel embarrassed? Rachel. You, your mother and your grandma are all the same. Do you think very highly of yourselves? I’m warning you-you better stay

away from Julian and stop having wishful thoughts.”

Rachel was worried that Nancy would be provoked again, so she shoved Amber to drive her out.

“How dare you touch me? Let go of me! What are you doing?” Amber pushed Rachel forcefully, which caused the latter to stumble backward with a bang and slump onto the ground. Her back hit the edge of the bed, and it was so painful that she almost couldn’t breathe.

“What happened?” A male voice emerged from the entrance.

“Julian.” Amber quickly changed her expression. Initially, she still wanted to continue humiliating Rachel, but she immediately feigned a pitiful look the moment she saw Julian. “Julian, she pushed me first.”

However, Julian couldn’t be bothered to talk to her and quickly went up to help Rachel get up. “Are you okay? Did you hurt yourself?”

Rachel was in so much pain that even her tears rolled down, but she shook her head and looked toward Nancy, who was lying on the bed.


“Shut up!” With the stethoscope in his hand, Julian turned around and shot a fierce glare at Amber. “Who allowed you to come here? Get out!”


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