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The Silent Wife novel (Rachel and Justin) novel Chapter 28

Chapter 28

The next day was a fine day.

Sue woke up early in the morning to have breakfast with her son.

Sitting in front of the table, Julian couldn’t help but glance upstairs and ask, “Where’s Rachel?”

By right, he didn’t have to care about Rachel this much, but he just couldn’t bear seeing Justin’s attitude toward her.

“Why do you have to bring her up this early in the morning? You’ve just spoiled my day!” Sue put a peeled egg onto Julian’s plate and said, “Have an egg, son.”

Julian frowned. “Mom, please be kinder toward Rachel. It’s not easy for her either.”

Sue was displeased on hearing that. “You just got back recently. You don’t know about our current family situation. Originally, Justin was supposed to marry Amber-the second daughter of the Hudson Family, but Rachel tricked Amber and palmed herself off to marry Justin. Are you expecting me to be kind to a woman like her? In my opinion, Justin should divorce her and cast her out.”

Julian’s frown deepened as he had never known this story.

Just as they were talking, the sound of footsteps coming down from upstairs came forth from the living room-it was Rachel getting ready to head out.

the latest to wake up in the whole family. You’re just a lazy good-for-nothing.”

Rachel stood quietly and made a gesture. I’m sorry

“Do you think I’ll understand your hand gestures?” Sue rebuked crabbily. “Where are you going early in the morning?”

‘Hospital.’ Rachel wrote in her notebook.

Sue looked disgusted. “Don’t you know you’ll carry home a lot of bacteria going to the hospital every day?”

When she said this, she had completely forgotten the fact that her son was a doctor, and the period of him staying in the hospital was way much longer than Rachel’s. Therefore, the number of patients and bacteria that he got in touch with was much more than Rachel too.

Seeing Rachel being yelled at by Sue, Julian quickly stood up from the dining table and interrupted, “I’m done eating, Mom.”

“Already? Eat more, Julian.”

“I’m good.” Julian grabbed his jacket from the back of the chair and said, “Rachel, I need to talk to you about your grandmother’s surgery. I can give you a ride to the hospital.”

Rachel quickly nodded.

The top priority now was to escape from Sue; otherwise, Rachel might not be able to get away from being scolded by the former the entire day, let alone going to the hospital.


Sue didn’t manage to stop Julian, and she couldn’t be too mean to Rachel since Julian was around, so she could only watch them leave the house one after another.

“Damn it, that mute! Julian must be possessed. How could he side with her?”

Mrs. Duncan, who was setting up the dining table at the side, reminded Sue as she heard their conversation. “We have to put our guard up, Madam. Although Young Master Justin always gives Rachel the cold shoulder, Young Master Julian is good-tempered and kind. We won’t know if this mute has some other thoughts.”

Sue’s heart jolted when she heard that, and her expression changed immediately. She better not! If she dares to approach my son, I’ll surely drive her out of the Burton Family!”

However, Sue was indeed worried knowing Julian’s temperament.

While on the way to the hospital, Julian took out a packet of biscuits from the back seat. “You haven’t had breakfast, have you? You can have some of this first. There’s a breakfast shop beside the hospital; you can get breakfast there when we arrive later.”

Rachel received the biscuit and wrote in the notebook. ‘Thank you.

Julian took a look at it and praised, “You have very nice handwriting.”

Rachel continued to write, ‘Thank you for helping me just now!


“It’s my mom’s fault. Please don’t mind her.“ With his hands placed on the steering wheel, Julian apologized to Rachel while driving. “My mom is a little stubborn. She’s often mean to people outside of the family. If she has treated you badly, I’d like to apologize to you on her behalf.”

Rachel stared at the man in front of her who was good-looking and soft spoken. It was hard to imagine that Julian was Sue’s son because there was a world of difference between him and Sue, who was mean and hostile.

Startled, Rachel then nodded slowly.

“What happened? Why did you take her place instead?

eyes were filled with strength, which caused one to not be able to look away from her.

During this period of recuperation, Nancy looked much better than before. When Rachel arrived, she was busily chatting with the patient next to her. The moment Rachel came into her sight, she smiled brightly. “Speak of the devil! I was just saying Rae should be coming to visit me soon.”


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