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The Silent Wife novel (Rachel and Justin) novel Chapter 31

Chapter 31

Looking arrogant, Sue was filled with contempt as she glared at Rachel.

“You’ve seen Justin’s attitude toward you. I don’t care what tricks you’ve used to replace your sister to

harry into this family, but do you think you’re fit to become a part of the Burton Family given you disability? Don’t you dare to start dreaming about approaching my Julian. I’m telling you in your dreams!”

I’ve never thought of approaching Julian. He’s just my grandma’s doctor-in-charge.’

Rachel quickly wrote down this sentence to show Sue.

“What the hell!” Sue flipped Rachel’s notebook away furiously.

The notebook fell on the floor, so Rachel quickly went to pick it up.

“Mrs. Duncan, get a cab and send her back to the Hudson Residence right now! Tell them that she’s not allowed to enter the Burton Residence again in the future; otherwise, they shall bear the consequences!”

Looking contemptuous, Sue immediately ordered the servant to pack up Rachel’s stuff and throw them out.

Mrs. Duncan couldn’t wait to see Rachel be driven out of the Burton Residence, so she rapidly stuffed Rachel’s belongings into the luggage and dragged it out.

Rachel had very few things to begin with, so her stuff couldn’t even fill the entire luggage.

Rachel’s face turned pale all of a sudden when she saw that a corner of the luggage was not properly zipped up. She staggered toward Mrs. Duncan to take the luggage back from her because there were her mother’s relics in it.

“Mm… mm…” Rachel struggled to speak, so all she could do was let out a coarse sound. Despite her trying hard to gesture, no one understood her.

As such, they argued all the way to the entrance.

“Get lost!” Sue pointed at Rachel with an extremely menacing look.

All Rachel wanted was to get her luggage back, but she was mistaken for refusing to leave. As such, Mrs. Duncan pushed her and said crabbily, “We’re asking you to leave. What are you doing?!”

Rachel stumbled and lost her balance. She screamed as her body fell backward.

However, she didn’t feel any pain as she had imagined. A pair of big hands supported her back steadily from behind. “What are you guys doing?” A cold rebuke emerged.

Rachel lifted her head to see Justin’s frigid face under the light. At this moment, he was staring at the front with a slightly angry look.

Rachel’s belongings fell out of the luggage and spread over the floor. With that, Justin immediately realized that she was going to be chased out.

“How dare you?” Justin let go of Rachel as his face darkened even more.

“I-It’s…” With her face turned as pale as a sheet, Mrs. Duncan stuttered while glancing at Sue helplessly

Neither did Sue expect that Justin would appear all of a sudden. Guilt-stricken, she still said stubbornly, “Justin, we can’t let this woman stay. The Hudsons are clearly playing with us by doing as such. We can’t be bullied by them!”

“Whether I keep her or not is my own business. Others have no right to interfere with it.”

Justin’s voice wasn’t too loud but it was strong, and no one was excused from his statement.

It was rare to have moments like this where Sue would feel embarrassed. She raised Justin on her own, and everyone in the Burton Family respected her, so she had always been arrogant. However, she didn’t dare to be haughty when faced with Justin.

Immediately, she was intimidated and attempted to exhort Justin nicely, “Justin, don’t be angry. You shouldn’t take your marriage lightly. You guys have not registered anyway, so it doesn’t count.”

Hearing that, Rachel clenched her fists as she became hopeful all of a sudden.


The marriage between the Burton Family and the Hudson Family was a sudden decision. Although Rachel couldn’t escape from it, if Justin was determined to abandon her, there was nothing Jefferey could do either. If that happened, she wouldn’t have to continue staying cautiously with the Burton Family.

However, Justin caught a glimpse of Rachel’s hope in her eyes. At that moment, without even realizing it, Justin’s face darkened.

Is she hoping to leave the Burton Family? In her dreams!

She nodded and quickly caught up with Justin as she didn’t dare to stay on any longer. However, Justin

Rachel shook her head. I don’t know.


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