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The Silent Wife novel (Rachel and Justin) novel Chapter 32

Chapter 32

There was a tinge of coldness coming from his fingers onto her cheeks that were held with force. However, the voice ringing next to Rachel’s ear was even colder.

At this moment, she felt her head ringing as it went blank. Anxious, she quickly turned to look at Justin.

It was only then that he gradually let his grip off and took his seat on the sofa again. With his chin slightly tilted upward, he said with an arrogant, cold look, “I thought that you were lying. Now I see that you’re willing to do anything to help with your grandma’s illness.”

After a few moments, she suddenly remembered that she had to breathe, so she took a deep breath in too quickly. Due to that, she choked hard and ended up holding her neck with her body leaning against the wall as she had a consecutive string of coughs.

She choked so badly that tears welled up in her eyes. Amidst her coughs, her hand that was holding a pen trembled. ‘What do you mean?

Seeing that, he calmly took a breath in before letting it out. As he tucked his crossed fingers between his knees, he looked up at her before saying, “I want to make a deal with you.”

There was a brief pause before he continued his next sentence.

“I want the Hudson Family’s prescription.”

It’s the prescription again! He’s indeed coming for the Hudson’s prescription!

When she heard that, her face turned pale as she shook her head several times. ‘What prescription? I

don’t know.”

The Hudson Family’s prescription was a trade secret that serves as the key livelihood of Hudson Pharmaceuticals. Even Amber didn’t know much about it, much less Rachel, the neglected daughter who was born out of wedlock.

We‘re not in a rush.”

Of course, he was aware of the limitations of her capabilities.

“The Hudson Family owns many prescriptions, but I only want one-the one in Jefferey’s private safe.”

Upon hearing that, she shook her head helplessly. ‘You’re asking too much from me!

No matter which prescription he’d ask for, she wouldn’t be able to obtain any of them.

“Too much?” As he looked at her neat handwriting on the notebook, his face turned dark. He then looked at her with a cold gaze before he blurted, “That’s right! I’m asking a lot from you because it’s what you Hudsons owe me!”

Years back, they were the ones who caused Katie’s death in that fire. It was a blood debt that had to be paid back, so there was no way he’d be asking too much from them.

As his train of thoughts ran through his mind, his face turned even darker. In a cold tone, he continued, “Jefferey will be celebrating his birthday at the end of the month. If you manage to get it, I’ll help you eliminate the evidence he has against you. You will no longer be restricted by them.”

Hearing his deep voice echo in the room, she shuddered.

Justin wants to do something to Grandma…

No way!

“Have you considered it?”

‘Give me some time’. She could only compromise.

Nevertheless, she knew that she was unable to do what he asked of her. Not to mention, she didn’t even know where the safe he mentioned was. How could she get the prescription?

“Are you trying to negotiate with me?”

Gritting her teeth, she held onto the pen tightly as she wrote, ‘Grandma’s operation is next Monday. I can only do that after her operation ends.”

Looking at her determined look, he knew that he’d gained nothing if he were to push her further. After giving it some thought, he briefly replied, “Okay.”

After waiting for so many years, he didn’t mind waiting for a mere few days.

“Don’t try to pull anything funny.” Before he left, he gave her a warning. “Don’t forget. No one is going to have your back if you screw up.”

Right after that, the door was slammed shut with a bang, causing Rachel to tremble.

After a few seconds, she held onto the arms of the chair before she sat down as her legs felt weak.

It seemed that she could no longer reside in the Burton Family nor in Riverdale, so she must bring her grandma and leave as soon as possible.

The next day.

When Justin was about to head out in the morning, he bumped into Julian at the door.


“Waiting for someone?“ Justin nodded in acknowledgment as he gazed past Julian and noticed that he was leaning against a car like he was waiting for someone.

Without bothering to evade, he replied, “I’m going to work. On the way, I’ll bring Rae to see her grandma at the hospital.”


What are the odds of such a coincidence?

Meanwhile, Julian seemed like a kicked puppy as he watched her sitting in Justin’s car.


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