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The Silent Wife novel (Rachel and Justin) novel Chapter 35

Chapter 35

In the headquarters of the Burton Group, there was incense with the scent of tea leaves burning. The refreshing scent had set a good tone for people to focus.

Though Justin wasn’t old, he was rather old-fashioned. He did things in a minimal manner, and he always had a stoic expression. Perhaps that was why he was in charge of the company at such a young age. Moreover, he was well-respected by everyone there.

“Mr. Burton, the East Pearl Project is almost finalized. These are the latest updates.”

“Alright.” He took over the documents and flipped through them as he leaned against the couch. At this moment, he casually asked, “How are things at the hospital?”

At once, Frankie answered, “The operation went smoothly. Mrs. Burton has been taking care of her grandma on her own, and she’s recovering well and will be discharged in a week. (This novel will be daily updtaed at www.noveljar.com) Besides that, Mrs. Burton has been looking around for houses.”

“She’s looking for houses?”

“Most probably it’s for her grandma to stay after she gets discharged,” he explained. “Initially, Mrs. Burton has been staying with her grandma in the Hudson Residence. However, now that Mrs. Burton’s married, her grandma probably doesn’t want to continue staying there since they aren’t related.”

His words were carefully chosen as the truth was actually harsher. Based on Rachel’s position in the Hudson Family, her grandma would probably not live comfortably there.

Hearing that, Justin remained quiet for a moment before saying, “Regarding the house, arrange it for them privately.”

Snapping out of a trance, Frankie answered, “Okay.”

Wasn’t Mr. Burton uninterested in Mrs. Burton’s condition? His attitude toward her changes every day…

On the other hand, Rachel had kept her grandma company at the hospital for a few days. Seeing that she seemed to be covering well as she regained her energy, Rachel felt relieved.

Early in the morning, Julian did his rounds and came to check for any post-op infections. After that, the hospital had arranged a single ward for Nancy which was much quieter than before.

“Your grandma’s recovering well. If this goes on, she may be able to get discharged earlier than expected” (This novel will be daily updtaed at www.noveljar.com)  Julian said with a smile as he tucked his stethoscope into the pocket of his white coat.

“Thank you for everything these past few days, Dr. Peters.” Although Nancy’s head was bandaged, she didn’t look like a patient at all. She was very energetic as she held Julian’s hand, giving him a look of adoration.

“There’s something that I’ve been meaning to ask you.”

With a gentle smile on his lips, he said, “What is it? Please go ahead.”

“What do you think about Rachel?”

What Nancy said had left Rachel flabbergasted, and she had nearly cut herself with the knife she was using to cut apples.

Meanwhile, Julian didn’t think it was odd. He took a glance at her before saying, “Rae’s good. She’s beautiful, and her personality is easygoing. Most importantly, she’s kind.”

“Do you not mind that she can’t speak?”

It was only then that he sensed where the conversation was heading, so he was stunned for a moment.

Before he could answer, Rachel quickly tugged on her grandma as she signed. Grandma, what are you talking about? Cut it out.

“She’s even shy now,” Nancy said with a smile. “Dr. Peters, Rae is around the same age as you. Although her academic background isn’t as extensive as yours, she did complete her masters and now has a steady job. She’s working at the Riverdale City Council Library as a bookkeeper.”

Just like that, Nancy blurted everything out. She sounded like she was on a blind date trying to build her reputation. At that moment, Rachel wanted to bury herself deep in the ground.

“Dr. Peters, Rae is a good lady. You should consider her.”

At this point, Julian looked a little confused. As he took a glance at Rachel, he noticed that she was carefully shaking her head as if asking him for help.

It seemed that Nancy had yet to know his relationship with Rachel. Not only that, she might not even know that Rachel was already married to someone.

After chit-chatting, Nancy urged Rachel to send Julian off, which was a rather obvious attempt of giving them a chance to be alone.(This novel will be daily updtaed at www.noveljar.com)


‘I’m sorry. Please don’t take what my grandma said earlier to heart’

As soon as they exited the ward, she quickly apologized to him.

Obviously, Julian didn’t understand. “Does your grandma not know that you got married? Why didn’t you tell her?”

Seeing how troubled she looked, he frowned. “Is there something held against you that forced you into marriage with my cousin?”

“He has always been introverted, so it was surprising when I heard that he was getting married. I initially thought that it’d be a business marriage of some sort. I heard that Hudson Pharmaceuticals had been in a pickle previously. Are you doing this because of the Hudson Family…”

He knew about her looking for a stay anyway.


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