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The Silent Wife novel (Rachel and Justin) novel Chapter 34

Chapter 34

Shaking her head, Rachel gave her grandma a blank look.

She couldn’t remember most of the things that had happened when she was young. All this while, she suspected she learned the ability to recollect memories a little later than other children since she couldn’t remember much. Besides that, she only remembered a little of the time before she arrived at Riverdale.

Seeing her reaction, Nancy reached out her frail, bony hand to brush several strands of Rachel’s fringe behind her ear, revealing her neat, beautiful face.

As if she was talking to herself, she murmured, “It seems that you don’t remember. If you did, you wouldn’t have followed Jefferey here.”

Hearing that, she was dumbfounded. Why? Didn’t Dad bring us over to Riverdale because he thought that our old place wasn’t safe?

When Rachel was young, she lived in the mountains with her grandma and mother. After a huge forest fire happened which resulted in her mother’s death, Jefferey brought her and her grandma over to Riverdale. “Of course not, that old dog, he did it because…”

Because of what?

After the accident was brought up, Nancy looked uneasy. Sadness seemed to have emanated from her clouded eyes.

At this moment, Rachel tugged on her grandma’s sleeve. Grandma, are you okay?

All of a sudden, Nancy snapped out of the trance before she replied, “Yeah.”

She then gently patted the back of Rachel’s hand as she said, “Rae, you must live a happy life. We just have to be honest and true to ourselves. That suffices. Your mom who’s looking over you from above will want you to be safe and sound.”

Upon hearing that, Rachel nodded obediently.

“Right, Rae, do you still keep the box that your mom left for you?”

Yes. She nodded once again.

“You must keep it well.”

Grandma, what’s inside the box?

From what seemed to be the beginning of her memories, Nancy had been asking her to keep the box well. However, the box was square like a cube, and there was no opening to it. It looked like a piece of wood that had been tinkered on.

Nevertheless, Nancy referred to that as a box.

“One day, when you open it, you’ll know.”

She said that meaningfully, but Rachel was still confused. She couldn’t help but feel that her grandma was hiding something from her.

As the operation was scheduled to take place in the early morning, Rachel could only catch a wink of sleep for a brief moment.

The fact that Julian would be the lead surgeon for the operation made her feel so much more at ease.

The light of the operation room was on while she waited alone. At the break of dawn, the operation was finally done and the door of the operation room was pushed open, revealing Julian who walked out as he was taking off his mask.

“The operation was successful. Your grandma is fine.” With his gaze fixed on her, he told her with a smile.

It was only then that Rachel could heave a sigh of relief as she lay back against the chair.

“Are you okay?” Instinctively, he quickly reached out, making a gesture to help support her.

She then shook her head. Thank you.

“Don’t mention it. It’s my job as a doctor. You should go catch some sleep since you didn’t rest very well last night. Your grandma’s still on anesthesia and she won’t be waking up so soon.”

Hearing that, she nodded without shifting her body.

Throughout the operation, she had been tense as she waited. Now that she could relax, her legs felt so weak that she couldn’t even walk.

Seeing that, Julian felt his heart ache. “Let me help you.”


“There are caretakers in the hospital. Is it really necessary for her to be there 24/7? Julian hasn’t come home for these past two days too. Every time I called him, he said that he was busy. I’m sure that Rachel is bugging him.”

“Justin, don’t get mad at me if I say this as I know that you feel sympathy for the mute, but the Burton Family isn’t doing charity. We don’t just take in anyone. Not only is the mute not behaving herself, she even goes out to do inappropriate stuff. I’m sure she has some ulterior motive.”


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