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Doted by My Billionaire Husband (Olive and Elvis) novel Chapter 21

The Substitute Bride: Doted by My billionaire Husband by Sumpto Midway
Chapter 21 Flirting with me?
Olive had mistakenly sent the picture to Elvis instead of North. She quickly thought of
deleting it, but it had already
been marked sent.
She was felt a surge of heat engulfing her as she paced around the room with her right
hand on her lips.
North’s message came in again.
“I needed to see your picture so I could ascertain the pyjamas that’ll fit you. PURPLE
STILI just released a new sexy night dresses. But I’ve sent the pictures of the pyjamas
to you, just choose the one that’ll be your size and also your husband taste, and let me
know once you’re done deciding.”
“Oh, so that’s why she she needed my picture.” Olive muttered as she read North’s
She opened the pictures and went through them. A velvet pink one caught her attention.
Thinking she had made her choice, she swiped the picture and the next was so
beautiful that she became totally indecisive.
Miles away, in a tall skyscraper, Elvis sat in the conference room amongst other
The chief financial officer was analysing the year’s sales reports. Everyone paid
maximum attention and listened attentively.
Despite their concentration on the speech being rendered, they couldn’t help but still
glances at the man who sat on the VIP seat, Elvis.
Elvis was dressed in a black suit and a white silk scarf was stuffed in his suit’s pocket.
His hair was neatly styled making gorgeous his already handsome face.
His appearance could be defined as, alluring yet, powerful.
The room was so quiet that a needle could be heard falling. A beeping sound rang out.
“Ding!” The entire crew’s eyes trailed the direction of the sound and all gaze landed on
Elvis stared at his phone which laid on the table. It was a message from Olive. He had
added her up the previous night.
Elvis gestured with his hands, urging the chief financial officer to proceed with the
When their gaze were focused back on the officer, Elvis opened the message and saw
the picture sent by Olive.
Olive was wearing a green and floral swimsuit. Her long silk–like black hair was wetly
draped over her glowing shoulders. But her face still was masked.
Since they met, Elvis had never seen her bare skin. Although they slept in the same
room, Olive made sure to properly cover herself.
Regardless, her beautiful figure was still visible even from the baggy clothes..
Elvis typed a message and sent it to her,
“Flirting with me?”
Olive who was staring at her phone for his response finally received the message and
her face clouded in embarrassment.
“It’s still daytime over here.” Another message from Elvis popped in.
It was night for her and day for him.
Olive touched her face, it was flushing with heat and didn’t care whether it was day or
“Would you believe if I said that it weren’t you that I intended sending it to?” Olive
quickly replied.
Elvis frowned and responded,
“Who did you intend on sending it to?”
Olive suddenly felt as though she was ripped of an opportunity to defend herself. She
hastily took a screenshot of her chat with North and forwarded it to him.
“You can buy them all and try them on. I’ll tell you which I like later.”
Olive read his reply for three times to be sure of what to reply him.
“Rogue.” She finally sent to him. He raised his eyebrows and chuckled sweetly as he
read the
He knew her to be smart and calm. And if she became angry, then she knew that he
had made her anxious.
“Go clean up.” His message came in, and that was the last she got.
Olive laid back on the bed. She curled like a boiled prawn. His last message,
“Go clean up” was stuck in her mind as she wondered what he implied.
She shut her eyes tight and diverted her thoughts on the day’s event. She suddenly
remembered Derrick.
She was certain that he had surfaced just to taunt her. He was now amongst the four
major families in Los Angeles. He was powerful and would be very difficult todeal with.
The situation was indeed very unfavorable for her. She pondered on why Derrick had
referred to her as dirty and a ragged shoe.
She grabbed her phone from her pillow and messaged North concerning the issue.
“Do you wanna confront him about it?” North’s message popped in.
“To be honest Olive, perverts are not that difficult to deal with. He’s just bitter that he
didn’t end up having you. Olive didn’t reply the message. But she understood perfectly
what North implied.
Later in the night. Derrick took Gabriella to the hotel’s presidential suite..
Derrick had just taken a shower and was wearing a white bathrobe. He poured a little
red wine into the goblet and sipped elegantly from it.
Gabriella snuck up and hugged him from behind.
“Derrick, do you think my father loves Olive’s mother so much?”
Derrick looked at the ceiling and asked,
“Why do you say so?”
“Well, my dad’s wallet has a picture of Olive’s mother. The picture is very precious to
him, he never allows anyone to touch it. And my dad is a type of person who values his
reputation so much, but he slapped my mother outside the hotel…”
An extremely beautiful face appeared in Derrick’s mind, and he said calmly,
“Olive’s mother is a legendary woman.”
Gabriella had never met Olive’s mother.
It was as though Olive’s mother had vanished from the surface of the earth. As all the
informations concerning her life and death had been totally erased.
The more Gabriella thought of this, the more scared she felt.
Someone really controlled the earth!
“My mum was right, Olive really is a lustrous woman. First she had a gigolo, and now,
she’s rolling with the CEO of Augustine’s corporation.” Gabriella muttered as Derrick
turned to stare at her.


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