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Doted by My Billionaire Husband (Olive and Elvis) novel Chapter 22

The Substitute Bride: Doted by My billionaire Husband by Sumpto Midway
Chapter 22 A Woman Answered His Phone
Derrick had halted, and a haze had fallen between his eyebrows.
As one of the four giants in LA, of course he knew about the Augustine’s family. But
unfortunately, he knew as much as everyone else did.
The young master of the Augustine’s family, Elvis, was too low–key and mysterious.
Coconut island was the most prosperous estate in the city. Anyone who had a property
there was probablya descendant of affluence.
Derrick had heard that the owner of the island was also an Augustine.
Gabriella noticed the change in Derrick’s mood, so she pressed further,
“Derrick, can you remember that when Olive was still here, she slept in the cave with a
man for a night. How old was she then?”
Derrick emptied the content of the glass into his mouth, then reached out and pushed
Gabriella to the bed.
Derrick’s action was violent. Gabriella’s head had slammed in the bed’s cabinet. Her
eyes had reddened and tears clouded it.
Derrick pinned her to the bed and stared at her reddish eyes. Gabriella was frightened
by Derrick’s behavior. Every time she mentioned Olive being with another man, he
would lose control and become terrifying.
But Gabriella really like Derrick, so she wrapped her arms around his neck and
“Derrick, I love you. You’re my only man. My virginity is for you.”
Derrick’s face was ferocious. Yes, Olive betrayed him. She was a slutty woman and was
not worth it at all.
He wanted to forget her!
Derrick pulled Gabriella’s pyjamas.
“I want to be with you for forever.” Gabriella hugged him happily.
Derrick shut his eyes. Olive’s face appeared in his mind. Olive mother had taken her to
the Domino’s family house.
When Olive mother met him, she had asked,
“Derrick, would you like to marry Olive in future?”
He hadn’t muttered a word but had entered his room shyly. He still remembered how
soft yet smart Olive looked as a child.
Derrick buried his face in Gabriella hair and whispered “Olive”
When Gabriella heard this, she felt a cold sensation flowing across her body. All the
fantasies and enthusiasm that flowed across her, had vanished.
When Gabriella had fallen asleep. Derrick leaned on the table and lit a cigarette.
When the cigarette was about to be extinguished, he brought out his phone from his
pocket and dailed a number.
Soon, Olive’s beautiful voice came in from the other end,
“It’s me.” Derrick muttered with a mouthful of smoke.
Olive was silent fir some seconds.
“What do you want?”
“Come to room 207 tomorrow night. I’ll be awaiting you.”
“Derrick, are you bunkers?”
Derrick licked his lips and asked,
“Since other men can have a good time with you, why can’t I?”
Olive wanted ending the call and blocking his number. But Derrick sensed this so he
chipped in.
“Olive, haven’t you been investigating the cause of your mother’s death?”
Olive froze. She had returned with the intentions of curing her grandpa and also finding
out the real cause of her mother’s death.
It was said that her mum had dies of a disease, but her mum was in good health. How
could she suddenly die of illness? She had suspected that someone had murdered her.
But Olive couldn’t find any lead. Everything relating to her mother’s life had been wiped
Olive felt there was a big conspiracy against her. Ten years ago, with her mother’s
death and her grandfather drifting to coma, all the people who loved her seemed to be
in a haste to discharge her from there lives. They had all changed.
Olive tightened her grip on her phone and inquired,
“What’s your deal?”
“I assume you’re still clueless by now. I too am clueless, but there’s a reliable source I
know. You must be particularly interested 100. It’s aunt Rebecca.”
Olive’s eyes widened. Aunt Rebecca was her mother’s maid and Olive had grew up to
meet her. But she has disappeared from the city after her mom had passed away.
“Olive, tomorrow night, I’ll be awaiting you in room 207.” With that Derrick hung up the
Olive put down her phone. She definitely wanted meeting Aunt Rebecca, but did she
really want to meet up Derrick?
Derrick was not the type to toy with. He wasn’t like President Ronald. Her petty actions
could easily be detected by him.
She suddenly remembered Elvis’s last sentence,
“If there’s something you cannot solve. Call me.”
Should she call him?
Olive picked up her phone, dug out Elvis’s number, and dailed it.
The call connected but Derrick hadn’t answered yet. The wait was a torment for Olive.
She suddenly realized that she was being reckless with her decision. What if he was
The call suddenly was answered, interrupting her thoughts.
“Hello.” She had quickdy said.
“Hello, who’s on the line?” A sweet female voice sounded.
It was a woman who answered the phone.
A woman answered Elvis’s call!
Olive’s head exploded.
“Hello, do you wanna speak with Boss Elvis? He’s taking a shower, so it’s not
convenient for him to answer the call…”
With a beep, Olive hastily ended the call.


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