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Doted by My Billionaire Husband (Olive and Elvis) novel Chapter 29

The Substitute Bride: Doted by My billionaire Husband by Sumpto Midway
Chapter 29 Fake Plays
He grabbed her little tail. Olive blushed and quickly struggled,
“What are you doing? Let go.”
Elvis didn’t let go, he tugged on her tail and asked,
“New interest?”
Olive was stunned, she felt it was abnormal. Out of all the sexy night dresses, how
could this particular one be interesting to him.
Olive reached out and pushed him.
“Mr. Augustine, you’re so shameless!”
Elvis held onto her little tail and furrowed his brows,
“How am I shameless?”
“You prepared this pyjamas and the night dresses in the closet, aren’t you shameless
Elvis glanced at the closet door and said,
“I didn’t prepare the clothes in there. Grandma did.”
Olive was dumfounded.
Elvis looked at Phoebe,
“Is she still good?”
Olive tried her best to pull back her little tail.
Phoebe is very good.”
“Then why are you not good?”
“What does he mean, am I also a kitten?” Olive thought inwardly.
Now that her tail was still in his hands, his frivolous and slow attitude was a little
bullying, as if she was a kitten to
A knock was heard on the door. Chef Maria said from outside,
“Young master, Old Mrs. Samantha asked me to bring you a glass of smoothie. Drink it
while it’s chill.”
Olive pushed Elvis away, afraid that others would see such a scene.
Elvis let go of her tail.
Elvis walked over and opened the door. He glanced at the drink in her hands. His
grandma really liked to make him smoothie.
Elvis drank the smoothie at the door side, and placed the glass into Maria’s hand and
headed back in.
Elvis went to the bathroom and had a cold shower. Then he sat on the sofa and went
through his laptop.
He felt the heat emanating from his body. And his body temperature rose little by little.
The heat kept surging. making him uncomfortable.
Elvis looked up. Olive was sitting on the bed with a medical book in her hand. She was
beautiful and demure.
He forcedly placed the laptop on the bed as his eyes were blurry.
Elvis stood and walked to the bedside.
“Mr. Augustine, what are you doing? I’m reading.” Olive protested.
Elvis sat on the edge of the bed and held her soft little hand, placing it on his forehead.
“Am I sick?”
Olive was startled when she felt his body temperature. She quickly felt his pulse and
“What did you eat?”
Elvis had already guessed it, but he was at his own house. He was a little unsure.
When Olive asked him those words, he swiftly stood up and opened the door.
“Ouch!” Madam Samantha almost fell to the ground.
“Grandma, what did you give me?“Elvis’s expression was not so good. He was
obviously angry.
Realizing that she has been caught. Mrs Samantha felt a little embarrassed. She
pointed at Mr. Henry,
“It wasn’t me who did it. it was him. There was a little tonic in your soup.”
Uncle Henry was so frightened that his legs wobbled and he stared at Mrs Samantha in
Mrs. Samantha quickly chipped in.
Henry, you really are bold, but since he’s a first time offender, just forgive him.”
“And moreover Elvis, there’s no need to throw a tantrum. There’s nothing wrong there.
Atleast I should hug my grandchild as soon as possible.”
Elvis pursed his lips.
Elvis, do you know that I can’t raise my head in front of other ladies. They’re always
showing off how cute their great–grandchildren are. They’re always bullying me. I don’t
have any great–grandchildren!”
Elvis immediately closed the door.
Elvis turned around and approached the bed. Olive already knew what was going on.
She pulled the quilt to hide and looked at him alertly.
“What do you want to do? Don’t come over!”
Elvis got in the bed and pressed her down.
“Grandma’s outside, cooperate a little.”
This was a very important part of their agreement. She needed to cooperate with him.
Elvis looked at Olive’s shut eyes, his eyes darkened and he muttered,
“You can’t scream?”
Elvis lowered his body and kissed her face. Olive’s eyeslash were trembling like a
butterfly’s wings. She shouted coordinately.
Mrs Samantha left the door contentedly.
Olive quickly reached out to push him,
“Grandma is gone, get up quickly.”
Elvis didn’t move a muscle. He buried his handsome face in her hair. Olive didn’t dare
to move, for fear of imitating him.
She could tell that Mrs Samantha really needed a great–grandchild. Olive cherished
everyone who loved her. The better Mrs Samantha treated her, the more guilty she felt.
She was afraid that one day the old lady would he heartbroken when she realizes that
they really were only deceiving her.
Elvis propped up his hands and gazed at her.
“We can also… Fake it.”
Olive’s eyes narrowed and she pushed him away in a panic.
Elvis laid on the bed, closed his eyes and said,
“I’ll take a shower, you should get some sleep.”
Elvis entered the bathroom, soon the sound of running waters were heard.Olive hugged
the blanket and closed her
eyes, but she didn’t feel sleepy..
Olive didn’t know when she had fallen asleep, but when she woke, she glanced at the
room and noticed that Elvis wasn’t there.
“Where had he gone?


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