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Doted by My Billionaire Husband (Olive and Elvis) novel Chapter 28

The Substitute Bride: Doted by My billionaire Husband by Sumpto Midway
Chapter 28 Feeding the kitten
Dawn the following day. Olive’s sleepy eyes fluttered open. She had had a good night
rest. She buried herself in the warm blanket and rubbed her face on it.
However, there was no one in the room. Olive’s eyeslash shivered. She hadn’t woken
up the previous night, but she had felt someone beside her.
Who could the person be if not Elvis?
Was it her illusion?
Olive buried her face in the pillow and quickly smelled Elvis’s scent. The entire bed was
stained with his residual body temperature.
He really had slept beside her and they clinged to each other all night. Olive gently
closed her eyes. She had promised to distance herself from him, but they had kissed
and even slept beside each other.
What really was going on?
Olive stood up. Aunt Rebecca was still in coma. She administered an injection to her.
She went to meet the doctor who was attending to Aunt Rebecca. They discussed Aunt
Rebecca’s condition and after they were done, Olive returned to the Red Villa.
The Red Villa.
Old Mrs. Samantha grabbed Olive’s hand and said,
“Olly, is Aunt Rebecca better? I think it’s really hard for you alone to look after her. Let
her live with us. We can hire. professional medical staff to take care of her.”
Olive was really touched by Old Mrs. Samantha’s compassion. The old lady was very
kind and doting to her. But she didn’t want to cause anymore trouble, so she declined,
“Grandma, the doctor said that Aunt Rebecca needs to be in the hospital. I’ll observe
her for a few days untill she wakes. She can’t be transferred at this time, but thank you
so much grandma.”
The old lady patted her hand angrily.
“Olly, aren’t we a family?”
“We are grandma.” Olive smiled obediently.
Olive felt something stuck between her feet. She lowered her eyes and saw that there
was a kitten beside her feet.
The snow–white kitten looked like a high–class breed. Olive’s bright eyes instantly lit up.
She immediately leaned. down and carried the kitten into her arms. She said
“Grandma, where did this cat come from?”
“Olly, do you like it? This is a gift Elvis got for you from his business trip.“Old Mrs
Samantha laughed.
Elvis got her a gift?
Olive stroked the soft fur on the kitten’s body.
The old lady had a teddy in her arms, she showed it to Olive and said,
“Olly, Elvis got this gift for me.”
Old Mrs Samantha particularly liked teddies and dolls. There were all kinds of dolls
stacked on the bed in her room. It was funny that the old lady liked little girl’s dolls.
The old lady said plausibly,
“Don’t think that it’s strange that I like dolls. Olly, you’re a little girl, while I’m an old girl.
We’re all girls and princesses.”
Olive laughed hard. She had forgotten alot since she was a child. Although her father
did speak to her mother with an expression of love. However, she still felt that
something was missing.
Now that she was married into the Red Villa, she saw in Elvis and Mrs. Samantha what
she lacked, and that was a
the real warmth of a family.
“Grandma, your doll is extremely beautiful.” Olive said sweetly.
Madam Augustine was happy.
“Olly, hurry up and have a shower, breakfast’s awaiting you.”
“Okay, grandma.” Olive replied and went upstairs.
Mrs. Samantha looked at Uncle Henry and asked,
“You mean that Elvis and Olive had a fight last night?”
Uncle Henry replied carefully,
“I’m afraid yes.”
She tapped the sofa which she sat on and muttered,
“I know that my grandson is practically good at everything, but he just can’t fall in love.”
“Elvis will be back in a while, make some smoothie for him. He has worked so hard, add
some tonic as well. Do you understand what I mean? Infact, bring the soup and add the
tonic in my presence.” Mrs. Samantha ordered.
Uncle Henry headed to the kitchen, after some minutes he walked out with a jar of
smoothie. He placed it on the table.
Henrywiped the sweat from his forehead and added something to the jar.
“Ma’am, what if sir Elvis finds out, the consequences will…”
Mrs Samantha glared at him fiercely.
“I’m here. If there’s any consequences, I’ll bear it alone.”
“Okay ma.” Henry agreed sluggishly.
Olive returned to the room and planned to take a shower, but she didn’t have any
pajamas. She went to the closet in search for a pajamas.
There were many silk night dresses in the closet, but Olive couldn’t go for it. She knew
if she wore it, Elvis would be all out to seduce her.
Olive turned and suddenly found a pair of fluffy pink pajamas.
Olive took a shower and put on the pink pajamas. She found the pajamas to be really
cute, with the cat ears and little pink tail behind her buttocks.
The kitten in the room was meowing and was hungry. Olive quickly ran to her and
poured out the cat’s food, and fed the kitten.
“Phoebe, eat slowly. I’ll call you Phoebe from now on, okay?”
The kitten meowed and looked at Olive with a contented expression.
Elvis returned and entered the room. At a glance, he saw a pretty figure who was
clothed in pink. Olive had just taken a shower, her long pure black hair was still wet on
her shoulders.
She was talking to Phoebe in a soft voice.
Elvis untied the tie around his neck and threw it on the sofa.
Olive raised her eyes and saw him,
“Mr. Augustine, you’re back.”
Elvis walked over to where she stood and looked at her pink pyjamas.
“What are you wearing?”
Olive stared at herself. She found nothing wrong with her outfit. No part of her body was
exposed, she replied. “A pyjamas?”
Elvis’s sleeves were folded up, revealing his arm and expensive watch. He reached out
and grabbed the little tail behind her and raised his brows.
“Mrs. Augustine…”


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