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Doted by My Billionaire Husband (Olive and Elvis) novel Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Olive Playing Cards
Olive raised her head and meet Elvis’s narrow eyes. Elvis sat on the main table. He was
wearing a fine black shirt and black trousers.
When Harry shouted, Elvis had a cigarette around his fingers. He looked up at Olive,
the smoke obscured his handsome face, but she could vaguely see his heroic
eyebrows frown lightly. He exhaled a puff of smoke slowly.
Olive was a little embarrassed to be pushed in, but now that she had bumped into Elvis,
she was even more embarrassed.
“Young master Harry, where did this little beauty come from? Is she the one here for
you?” The boss asked Harry.
But was obvious that they regarded Olive as the girl who was hook up Elvis. Harry
looked at Elvis’s face.
Elvis had already withdrawn his gaze, he threw the card out of his hand with a deep and
indifferent expression.
Pretending not go know each other?
Harry smiled calmly. He didn’t mind to gossip. Besides, he didn’t mind watching their
dramas. He greeted Olive,
“Come serve us some wine.”
One of the greasy bosses reached out and grabbed Olive’s slender arm,
“Little beauty, what are you doing with a mask on your face? Seeing that you have such
a beautiful figure, your face would not be so bad, right? Take off the mask and let us let
us take a look of your beautiful face.”
The greasy boss reached out and made to take off her mask.
Olive quickly avoided his hands with a frown,
“I think there’s a mistake somewhere. I’m not the lady who is here to hook up with you
or serve you. Let me go!”
“Beauty, do you realize the kind of people in here? It doesn’t matter if you initially was
the one to keep us accompany or to serve us. We really don’t care!”
Olive remembered what the manager had told her earlier, he had said that the place
was filled with bigwigs in LA and that she could not afford to offend them.
Olive didn’t want to get into trouble either, but she was unlucky today to be pushed into
this game.
“Why don’t we make a bet on whether this girl here is ugly or looks like an angel after
her mask is taken off.”
“Okay, this is interesting. I bet that she’s ugly. If she looked stunning, she wouldn’t be
wearing an hijab. Beauty is a woman’s biggest weapon.”
“I bet she looks breath-taking, because her body is really gorgeous…”one of the men
On such occasions, men’s conversation were mainly about women and their body. Olive
was trapped inside and was opportune to hear them.
Olive was clothed in a small velvet dress. The fringed skirt was placed below her knees.
Obediently, she had a slender frame.
Even if nothing was revealed, the coolly dressed ladies in the luxurious room had
already been suppressed by her. Olive glanced at Elvis who was in the main seat. He
was smoking a cigarette with his eyes closed. A beautiful woman sat beside him.
He was aloof and ruthless.
Even as she was in deep trouble, he would not help her. He treated her as a stranger.
Although this was what she hoped for, so as to draw a line between them, but Olive still
felt her heart ache.
The greasy boss who wasdragging her came to take off her mask again.
“Beauty, the stakes are all set, let’s see your face.”
“Hold on.” Olive said quickly.
“What do you have to say”? The boss halted.
The Substitute Bride: Dotad bir M. Dill…….
Chapter 33 Olive Playing Cards
“I said already that, I’m not the lady who was meant to be here. Let me play a game
with you. If I win, you let me go. If I don’t, then you’ll decide what ever you want me to
She wanted playing cards. There were lots of women around these men. Thin, fat,
women of different race and shapes.
However, there weren’t much cool and smart women that could play tricks like Olive.
Her decision aroused the curiosity of these men.
“You can’t escape our grasp. Why don’t you play a game? It’ll more interesting.” Olive
sat at the poker table with Elvis beside her.
Elvis didn’t utter a word the entire time. He only smoked his cigarette elegantly. But he
was the king of the audience.
Harry raised his eyebrows at Olive and reminded her kindly,
“No one can win my bro at poker. How about you first ask my bro to have mercy on
Olive said nothing. She didn’t want to beg him.
Elvis didn’t show any emotions, but his entire aura was cold, he threw his cigarette into
the ashtray with a layer of


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