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Doted by My Billionaire Husband (Olive and Elvis) novel Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Take Off the mask
Before Olive could move, Elvis thew all the cards in his hands on the table.
He did this casually, but the cards slapped on the tablet causing the greasy boss to
tremble in fright. Although Elvis was cold and didn’t say much, everyone carefully
observed his face and worshiped him.
Now that he tossed his cards, the lively luxury room instantly became quiet. The greasy
boss looked at Elvis flatteringly,
“Boss Augustine…”
Elvis looked at the beautiful woman beside him,
“Go out and have some fun.”
Although the lady wasn’t ready to leave. She didn’t dare to offend Elvis, so she quickly
stood up and walked out of the room.
Elvis lifted his eyelids and looked at the greasy CEO. He didn’t say nothing, but his
eyes were cold and bone-peircing
The boss broke down in a sweat. He understood that Elvis was interested in Olive. So
the greasy boss quickly said,
“Little beauty, you’ve lost the game and you owe ten million dollars. The richest man is
here is Boss Augustine. If you can please him, then he’ll pay your debt.
Olive curled her fingers and stood up. She took a glass of wine and looked at Elvis.
“Mr. Augustine, let me give you a toast.”
Elvis looked at her
“If you respect me, then I’ll drink.”
He didn’t drink from her glass, and that indicated that he wasn’t pleased with her.
Her hand froze midair.
Beauty, do you know the tons of women that’ll be seeking an opportunity to please Boss
Augustine, go on and show such sincerity.” The greasy boss beckoned.
‘That’s right girl, if you ain’t sincere, of course president Augustine won’t drink it.” One of
the men added.
Prior to Olive’s arrival, Elvis was only smoking and playing cards. Now that she was
here, he was obviously interested in her.
No one dared to go for the woman that Elvis had eyes for. Olive knitted her eyebrows
and decided to do her best. “Mr. Augustine, what do you want? Tell me your request. If I
can, I’ll definitely do it.”
Elvis reached out and grabbed her wrist, pulling her over. Olive fell directly on his lap.
Fortunately, there wasn’t much wine in the glass, otherwise it would have spilled out.
Olive could clearly feel his strong muscle under her buttocks, which was completely
different from her soft and boneless body.
Olive’s face reddened as she made to stand up,
“President Augustine.”
“Hey.” He suddenly interrupted her.
‘Feed me wine.”
Olive’s eyes widened, she wondered why he’d make such ambiguous request. Elvis
looked at her, she was not so stubborn as before. She looked silly and cute.

Do you understand me or you don’t want to? Get off my lap if you don’t want to.”
He always made the initiative of putting her on her laps, and was also the person who
sent her away.
Olive was silent for a while.
“I’m not leaving. I’ll feed you.”
Chapter 34 Take Off the mask
She put the glass to his lips. Elvis supported her waist with one hand and slowly drank
the red wine.
He fixed his eyes at her as he drank the wine. Harry applauded with a clap.
Okay, bro has drank the wine. But how about the ten million?” Harry initiated and the
rest of the crowd concurred
“Ten million isn’t a small amount. Beauty, would you ask boss Augustine to help you pay
for it?”
“Of course ten million is a small amount to boss Augustine. He must get value for his
money. So, you have to come up with a mouth watering deal for president Augustine.”
The greasy boss said.
Harry smiled and muttered,
“All the girls here in KissLand all have their prices. And the prices for each services are
different. Come on, take a look at the price list.”
Someone quickly passed the price list to Olive. The ten million dollars was enough to
buy fifty KissLand beauties for a night.
Olive quickly closed the price list. She felt like she was on a pirate ship. They had all
ganged up against her. She wanted to get up. However, Elvis held onto her soft waist
and did not allow her move. He imprisoned her domineeringly in his arms.
“Olive, am I too used to you? I allow you come as you want, and leave when you want.”
Olive raised her eyes and looked at him,
“How about I stay here with you tonight, or go back to the hotel with you?”
Elvis drew an evil line on his lipsand said,
“You choose.”
Elvis’s eyes fell on her mask.
“You can choose neither, just take off your mask.”
There were a few times before that he wanted to take it off, but she refused, so he didn’t
force it anymore. This time,
it was different. He definitely wanted seeing her without it.
Olive saw the unstoppable force in his eyes. She couldn’t help but curl her lips and
“Boss Augustine, a look at my face without my face isworth ten million. If I’m ugly, that’s
your loss.”
Elvis furrowed his brows and smiled,
“I don’t fell sorry for my money. What are you feeling sorry for?
Olive pondered then said,
Of you want to see it. I’ll show you.”
She had agreed to take it off. Elvis glazed at Harry and Harry quickly rushed out.
Everyone had been chased out of the room. Olive had been fascinated about the mask
since she was a child and hence wore them.
Elvis was curious to see her without it.
Was she ugly, or did she look like a fairy?
Olive raised her hands and slowly took off her mask. For the first time, Elvis had seen
her entire face.
Her eyebrows were knitted together, her eyes were bright and dazzling, and


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