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Doted by My Billionaire Husband (Olive and Elvis) novel Chapter 36

Chapter 36 Kicking Him
Olive was in a hurry, so she said to him,
“Let me study it, it can’t be opened.”
A low magnetic voice sounded above her head,
“Slow down, what are you anxious about?”
Olive’s fingers froze, she quickly looked up at him. She sat on the bed, her little hands
still trying to unbuckle his belt.
Olive let go of his belt and laid on the bed as she glanced around.
Elvis supported her with hands and pulled her to his chest.
“What are you looking at?”
“I’m trying to see if there’s any trace of a woman in this room, and this bed…is it clean?”
Elvis pursed his reddish lips and was a little unhappy,
“You have to talk to me about this topic? The last time, you told me to go find other
women, because I haven’t mentioned it, doesn’t mean that I’m not still angry.”
He really didn’t know what was wrong with her. It was obvious that she was fine before
his business trip. After be returned from the trip, she repeatedly asked him to find other
His presidential suite was very clean, there was no sign of a woman, and his coat was
hanging on the hanger. It was obvious that he had lived here for the past two days.
“You’ve been living here for the past two days?” Olive asked.
Elvis looked at her and replied,
“Well, I was in a bad mood. I was here playing cards throughout the night.”
Olive saw that the tips of his narrow eyes were stained with blood. It was true that he
hadn’t slept for the past two days.
KissLand bar was a property of the Heaven’s family. Harry had quickly prepared him a
befitting suite.
Apart from working on his laptop, Elvis only smoked and played poker the entire forty
eight hours.
Olive’s eyeslash shivered, she wanted saying something, but when the words reached
her lips, she wasn’t able to utter it.
Elvis raised his hand and made to take off her mask, Olive quickly held onto his hand,
“What are you doing? Haven’t you seen it already?”
“It was to fast. I didn’t see it clearly, can I see your face again?”
Olive shook her head,
Elvis didn’t pester. She laid on the bed, her pure black hair scattered on the snow white
pillowcase. He lowered his eyes and gently kissed her forehead..
Olive grabbed his shirt and didn’t resist him. Elvis had a tentative attitude, but seeing
that she didn’t resist his intimacy, he kissed her on the eye and down to the nose.
Olive’s hands slid into the leather button on his waist. Her beautiful voice came in,
“This…can’t be opened.”
“This is very easy to open.” With a click, he unbuttoned the leather button himself. His
movements were no longer as calm as before, and he looked a little impatient.
Elvis leaned forward. Olive burst out into a loud laughter. She laughed for a long time.
Elvis realized that he had been fooled, she really could unbuckle the belt, but didn’t
want to.
Elvis reached out and pressed her shoulders to stop her from laughing,
Chapter 36 Kicking Him
“You’re playing with me, right?”
Olive stopped laughing and furrowed her brows. Elvis’s eyes darkened.
“I’m sorry Mr. Augustine.”
Elvis stiffened and asked,
“Sorry for what?”
“I’m sorry that I stained your pants.” Olive muttered.
Elvis’s face darkened. He stretched out his strong arms and pulled her into his arms.
“Olive, you dare to flirt with me?”
Olive felt that he really was angry, she did not dare to offend him. She took his hands
and placed on her stomach,
“I’m sorry for being annoying, don’t be upset. My stomach just aches.”
Her words seemed to have calmed his temper. His hands massaged her flat abdomen.
“Does it hurt?”
“It doesn’t hurt, I just feel bloated and uncomfortable. Mr. Augustine, I want to ask you
for a favour.”
“Go on.”
“Can you buy me a pack of… sanitary pad.?”
Elvis quickly scowled. He had never bought something of such. So he refused.
“Nay, ain’t going.”
Olive broke free from his embrace, sat up and kicked him with her feet,
“Mr. Augustine, I’m really bothering you. Cool.”
Elvis also sat up. Her kick didn’t hurt at all. It was like a kitten’s claws. He grabbed her
slender angle and said,
“You kick me again?”
Olive quickly withdrew her little feet. Afraid that she would provoke him. Elvis tucked her
little feet into the quilt. then stood up, changed into another outfit, and then went to get
the sanitary pads.
Raven who had traveled on a business trip had just arrived at KissLand bar.
Harry quickly greeted him, and informed him about the happenings at the game lounge.
He asked curiously, “Rave, do you think that bro’s girl is ugly or beautiful?”
Before Raven could reply, Elvis had returned from outside. He had worn a white shirt
and a hooded overcoat. He was extraordinarily handsome.
Elvis also carried a bag in his hand.
“Bro, what did you go to buy? Why didn’t you just let you men get it?” Harry inquired.
Elvis didn’t respond.
Raven glanced at the bag and muttered quietly,
“Is this a woman’s sanitary napkin?”
Harry gasped with widened lips.
“What? Bro, who are you purchasing pads for? Is it for sister in law? How can you buy
Elvis was a bit unhappy with Raven’s talkativeness, he looked at Raven and said,
“The bag seems so familiar, huh? Have you purchase it for a woman before?”
Raven didn’t say another word.
Elvis went upstairs.
“Rave, so Elvis came here to live for two days just because he was quarrelling with
Olive. He’s been sulking all through and then he meets her and he’s happy again, and
then goes to buy her pad. There’s something definitely going on…”
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Elvis returned to the presidential suite. Olive had already entered the bathroom to take
a shower.


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