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Doted by My Billionaire Husband (Olive and Elvis) novel Chapter 35

Chapter 35 A chase in a sport car
Elvis was a man. Men were a visual creatures. He liked to see beautiful women. Elvis
was surrounded by beautiful women since he was a child.
But when he saw Olive’s beautiful little face, his deep pupils slightly contracted. He had
imagined her face. But hadn’t expect her to be so beautiful.
Elvis raised his hand, wanting to touch her face. But Olive quickly put back her mask.
“Mr. Augustine, you have seen it. I’ll leave.”
Olive pushed him and scurried out.
Olive went into the bathroom and washed her face with cold water. She had worn the
mask since she was a child. In fact,she was beautiful that her face had brought her
unnecessary trouble.
She had gotten use to it. But after returning from the orphanage. No one had seen her
without it. Elvis was the first.
Olive opened the bathroom door and walked out. The next second, she saw a tall figure
at the corridor. Elvis was leaning against the wall with his back.
The dim yellow light in the corridor made his handsome and delicate face more
beautiful. He was dressed in black and could not hid his mature indifference. He stood
at the door of the ladies bathroom, more like a swagger.
Olive admitted that Elvis really was charming. He was am elegant man who effortlessly
made people attracted to him.
Olive stepped forward and wanted leaving. But he stretched his leg and blocked her
Olive raised her eyes and looked at him,
“Mr. Augustine, what does this mean?”
Elvis stood straight, his tall body in front of her, his eyes lingered on her beautiful face
that was concealed by the mask. He stretched his hand and wanted taking it off.
Olive pushed him away and ran away.
Elvis stared at the pretty figure which was vanishing. He tuck his hands into his pocket
and licked his lips.
Harry walked over and inquired,
“Bro, is she ugly or beautiful?***
Elvis glanced at him and muttered,
“Put away your curiousity.”
Harry shrank his neck in grievance. At this moment, he suddenly said,
“Bro, what’s wrong with your pants? It’s looks like it’s stained with something.”
Elvislowered his eyes and saw that there was a wet spot on his black trousers, it was as
though it had been stained with water.
The only person who had sat on his lap was Olive.
“Bro,… Hey, bro, where are you going?”
Olive left KissLand Bar and was about returning to the Red Villa. Her phone rang out. It
was Elvis calling.
Why is he calling?” Olive didn’t want to answer the call. She placed her phone in her
A bus pulled over and Olive got on it. There were many people on the bus and there
was no empty seat. Olive stood by the window and watched the scenery.
There’s a sport car chasing our bus!” One of the passanger’s yelled.
The man in the car is so handsome!”
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Chapter 35 A chase in a sport car
He’s looking at me. I’m gonna faint.”
The chattering were heard. Olive turned her head and looked in the direction that
everyone stared
She sighted Elvis in the sport car and their eyes collided. The wind had engulfed Elvis’s
shirt, he placed his big hand on the steering and his experience wristwatch became
What was he doing?
The bus halted and Elvis’s sport car stopped as well. The door opened and Elvis walked
into the bus. The moment hie entered, the crowd gave way.
Passing the dreamy girls, Elvis stopped in front of Olive like an elegant and agile jaguar.
“Why didn’t you answer your call?” He muttered with his sweet voice captivating the
“I…” Olive made to verbalize but Elvis didn’t give her chance to speak, he directly
reached out and hugged her.
Olive felt dizzy. She didn’t know how she exited the bus and how she ended up in
KissLand bar. He had taken her to the presidential suite.
“Elvis, what are you doing?”
Elvis pursed his lips and pushed Olive into the big soft bed. Olive quickly sat up and
stared at him warily.
Elvis got on the bed and pressed one knee on the bed. He pulled her slender white
hand and placed it on the belt around his waist. He ordered,
“Open it!”
Olive’s brain exploded,
“Elvis, are you crazy? I told you earlier that if you want a woman, you should go get
one. In my opinion the most beautiful thing in KissLand are women. There’s always a
suitable one for you.”
Elvis frowned and then gestured with his eyes,
“What are you thinking? You stained my pants.”
Olive sighted the wet spot on his trousers. It took a few seconds for her to realize that
she had soiled her pants with the wine.
Her face clouded in embarrassment.
“What are you doing? Quickly open my belt. I want to change my pants.”
So he brought her back from the bus so that she could change his pants?
Olive blinked severally and mumbled,
“I admit that it was my fault that you pants got soiled. I apologize to you, but, don’t you
have hands? I don’t want to change your pants for you, just go ahead and change it
Olive wanted withdrawing her little hand. But Elvis insisted domineeringly,
“You better change it, if not, I’ll kiss you. Maybe you’re looking forward to my kiss.”
The moment he had said that, Olive hurriedlystarted to unbutton his leather belt. Her
obedient appearance Elvis less hostile.
Olive really wanted to open his belt as quickly as possible, but she had never
unbuttoned a man’s leather button
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