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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 112

Warning: Sexual triggers ahead.


I was back there again. A place I didn’t want to be. A place I visit every time I close my eyes. A place that still torments me.

I can’t move. I watch unable to do anything as he cuts me open. With no anesthesia. Meaning I feel everything he is doing to me. The tears roll down the side of my face. I can’t even scream out in pain because all my muscles are relaxed. Thanks to a certain injection he gave me, the only thing I can do is watch.

He talks to me. Telling me his day and what he’s been doing. As if we are friends. As if he isn’t torturing me.

They call us monsters but it is he that’s a monster. It’s him and his colleagues that are the true monsters.

“Did I ever tell you how I landed this project? How I became the head of a secret organization?” he asked. His fingers digging into my flesh.

As if I wanted to hear anything personal about him but again I don’t have a choice. His hands are precise as he cuts a piece of my flesh and places it on a petri dish.

“Not many people know this but I funded the whole thing. You see I come from old money and my parents left me a huge inheritance. It was by chance that I came across your kind”

I see something pass in his eyes. It’s too quick for me to decipher but I can tell. There is something there. Something he doesn’t let people see.

His green eyes focus back on me. After getting what he wants he stitches me up. Sealing the wound.

Goddess, it’s been so long. Too long in captivity. I stopped counting the days after the first year. No one has been able to escape. I was the first one to ever be caught and it was weeks before a second werewolf, Chris, was caught.

From there they kept adding numbers until they were satisfied. By the end of that year alone, there were about a hundred of us in captivity. Sometimes I wonder how the werewolf council never picked the missing number of wolves.

“You know you’re my favorite, right Mayra?” his green eyes turns smoky. Lust beginning to fill them.

I try to move. Knowing what was coming but like usual I can’t. I try begging him with my eyes. Pleading with him to spare me. I know it won’t work. It never does but I still try.

His hands move over my bony thighs. His touch disgusting me. Like usual we were alone. So none of his colleagues know what is happening. This was our time. Like he liked to call it. A time where he gets to do what he wants with no witnesses.

One of his rough hands cups my breast while the other one touches my sex. He plunges a finger inside making me cry harder. I hated him. Hated his touch. I screamed internally but only a groan left my mouth.

“Get wet for me baby” he moaned while roughly thrusting his fingers.

He was a monster. A pyscho and sicko but no one else saw that. Everyone else thought he was good.

He pulls his finger out and lowers the stretcher. Taking a bottle of lube. He opens his trousers, releasing his manhood. He coats it with the lube and without warning plunges inside me. Taking something that isn’t his to take.

Over and over he takes me. Not caring that I’m silently crying. Not caring that he is raping me. That this isn’t consensual.

I hate him. Goddess do I hate him. With every fiber of my being. I hope there is a special place in hell reserved for him because if there isn't then the goddess isn't just.

Finally he finishes. He withdraws and I feel his cum leak out from me. Using his fingers, he pushes it back inside me. Then spreads the remaining on the inside of my thighs.

“You look beautiful like this. With my cum glistening your well fucked pussy. I swear no one makes me feel the way you do Mayra.” He leans over and kisses me. Probes my mouth before pushing his tongue inside.


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