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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 12

I quickly leave my seat and go stand behind Sebastian.

I wasn’t sure whether my actions would be appreciated but there was no other choice. I start to rub his shoulders. Trying to ease the tension I felt underneath them. Luckily for us, we were in a private section so there weren't any eyes on us.

I had expected him to shrug my hands but to my surprise he starts relaxing. I was actually happy to see his hatred for Darren and Miranda. Until that moment I had not believed that he hated Miranda

“I asked you what you’re doing Lauren” Darren’s annoying voice breaks my concentration.

I turn to look at him and I honestly don’t know why I fell for him in the first place. There was nothing that screamed special about him. Sure he was good looking and had a great body but that was just it. I must really have been desperate for a mate to choose him.

“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m having dinner with Sebastian” I sneer at him.

I wish he would just take his whore and leave. They were both sucking the life out of the small space with their disgusting presence.

“I can see that, but with him. What are you doing with him of all people?” he asks in disgust. Grinding his teeth.

Miranda just stands there. Her mouth gaping like a damn fish. Looking between the three of us. As if she was an observer and not part of the scenario.

“What about him? There’s nothing wrong with Sebastian”

He looks at me in pure disbelief. Like I’ve lost my mind. Like I should be admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

“You can’t be serious. He’s the same guy that took Miranda from me. He took my mate” He yelled and I wince. Thank the goddess for soundproof walls.

I fold my hands across my chest. “And I should care about that why? In case you’ve forgotten I’m no longer tied to you meaning my loyalty no longer lies to you. Sebastian is a decent guy and I love him. Besides, he didn't take your mate from you. Miranda is a gold digging whore who left you for him because he had more power and money”

I hear Miranda’s shocked gasp right before Darren lunges at me. He doesn’t get close though. Sebastian stands up and pushes Darren back. Darren stumbles, almost knocking Miranda off her feet. I guess he’s still touchy where Miranda is concerned.

“If you ever try that shit again with Lauren, I’ll rip you fucking beating heart and feed it to the rogues” Sebastian says in warning. His wolf shining through his eyes and his alpha aura leaking.

We were all struggling with his aura. Even Darren, despite being an alpha himself.

I get past my need to submit to him. My need to kneel before him and touch his arm. He turns to me and upon seeing my struggle. He draws back his energy. Making me breathe in relief.

“Did you just say you love him? Is this what you’ve been doing instead of answering my calls which concern Krystal” Darren asks, his tone venomous. “We’re you too busy spreading your legs for him instead of taking care of your daughter”

Sebastian is about to lunge at him but I stop him. Stepping aside to stand next to him. I have the strongest need to punch Darren but I stop myself. Reminding me and Blue that what we had in store for him would hurt so much more.

“Don’t you fucking talk about Krystal. You and that bitch turned her against me, you fucking bastard.” I pause before continuing. “Besides, who I spread my legs for is none of your fucking business. At least with Sebastian I don’t have to fake my moans” I finish with a cruel smile. I hear Sebastian laugh a little and it pleases me.

I wrap my hands around Sebastian’s waist for good measure. He doesn’t disappoint when he brings his hand over my shoulder.

Miranda and Darren both stare at us in shock. As if they couldn’t comprehend what I just said. Of course it’s a lie. I’ve never slept with Sebastian. I probably never will but they didn’t need to know that.


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