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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 135

"Hello?” I speak into the phone.

It was about a week and a half since Darren marked me and life has been good. After I had established my dominance, Darren had made a formal announcement that I was his mate and Luna. Most of the members were happy but some weren’t.

Those who weren’t mainly consisted of the single she-wolves. They probably had hoped that Darren would pick them as his Luna. Despite their hostility I knew they wouldn’t step out of line. Not just because Darren threatened to banish anyone who disrespected me but also because of how I had dealt with Lucy and her friend.

With wolf pack hierarchy, the strongest ruled. The fact that I had been able to take Lucy down easily proved I wasn’t one to mess with. As for Lucy since she was a great warrior, Darren didn’t banish her. Instead she was sentenced to the dungeons for a month with only one meal per day.

After the events of that morning, we made love again before we left to pick up Iris. Ren had been excited for me. When she saw the mark on my neck she hugged me and told me that she wishes me nothing but happiness.

We had lunch then after we went back to our new home. Darren welcomed us to his home. It was a big mansion. Not as big as the pack house but big nonetheless.

Iris was ecstatic when Darren told her that she would have her own room and that we would decorate it however she wanted. She was also curious about Krystal when she learned that the room next to hers belonged to Darren’s daughter.

“Mayra” the voice interrupted my thoughts.

I was just heading inside the hospital for my session with Alice but stopped at the cold voice.

“Mother” I returned with the same cold tone.

The other reason why I didn’t keep in contact with my parents was because of how cold they treated me. I was born to Alpha parents that hated each other and in turn they hated me.

“You got marked and mated and you didn’t tell us?” she screeches on the other end.

Dealing with her was always draining and I hated being around her.

“Is that why you called? After all these months you only called because you learned I got marked?”

“Is there another reason why I should have called? Anyway I heard it was an Alpha. You did well Mayra, now all you have to do is get pregnant with his child so you can secure your position as Luna” she says in a sing-song voice.

Do you see the reason why I avoid talking to her? Not that she goes to great lengths to talk to her only child.

I sigh. I didn’t have time to deal with her.

“If that’s why you called then I’m hanging up. I have things to do” I tell her right before I hang up the phone.

I feel the familiar hurt start to rise but I push it down. What kind of mother never calls to check up on her daughter? To see if she was alright? What kind of mother gives up on her child a month after she goes missing?

I push those thoughts away vowing that I will be a better mother to Iris. I don’t want her growing up to resent me. With that determination I walk in for my appointment.

Getting into the office I find Alice as usual seated on a solo chair. Her glasses hanging a bit low on her button nose. Note book and pen in hand.

“Hey Alice” I mumble.

“Good afternoon Mayra” she responds.

This session was going to be a hard one. Part of being a good mother to Iris meant dealing with my own issues. Dealing with an issue I’ve been trying to push away and bury. Trying to forget that it is happening to me.

“I hear congratulations are in order” she states with a small smile.

Smiling back at her, I take a more comfortable posture. “Yes”

“How do you feel about being mated?”

“To be honest, these past few days have been amazing. I never knew that I could be this happy and content. Every day when I wake up in Darren’s arms I count my blessings because I never thought I would have this. I never thought there would be any man who would accept a tainted and broken she-wolf.”

I can feel myself falling deeper and deeper for Darren. The connection we had has strengthened and we have become even more bonded due to our mating bond. Which is amazing by the way. I feel secure and at peace.


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