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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 2

I stare in doubt at the humongous house in front of me. I can hear the booming music playing somewhere outside. I could also hear the screams of children as they had fun.

It was Krystal eighth birthday and I hadn’t been invited. I hadn’t even known there was a party. How pathetic is that? Not knowing your daughter already had a birthday party planned?

I had called Darren to ask him what I should plan. He had angrily answered that Miranda had everything covered. That I shouldn’t bother coming because neither him nor Krystal wanted me there.

I was the one who always planned her parties, and it was always done at our home. But this year it was being held at Miranda’s.

Apparently Krystal had asked her to plan it. Because according to her I don’t plan her parties the way she wanted them. They were always boring and ugly and she hated them.

It had hurt to know that Krystal had never liked or appreciated the work and effort I put in the planning. That it wasn’t enough. That she hated those parties.

I sigh knowing Miranda has overturned everything I’ve ever done. That all my efforts are nothing but squashed bugs beneath her feet.

Why the fuck does it still hurt? It has been months since she come back. I should be used to the new reality by now, but I was still holding on.

“You can do this Ren” My wolf Blue murmurs. As I try to find the courage to walk to her house. A place I remain unwanted.

“This is our pup’s party and we shouldn’t miss it” she continues.

If I had thought what Darren did was painful. Then I had no idea how this would tear me up. That Krystal and Darren hadn’t wanted me there on the day I fucking gave birth to her. I had been angry at both of them, then the anger had turned to hurt.

Pushing those thoughts away I take a step forward. The door was opened so I stepped in and I was in complete awe. Everything was beautiful, Miranda had really done a great job. It looked like something out of a fairytale.

I follow the sound of the music and I end up in the backyard. The lash field had been transformed into a dream. Pink and white flowers covered the ground. Tables covered with glittery gold table clothes.

Each table had four chairs covered with a white satin cloth. They were then tied with gold ribbons. Everything looked fancy and upscale. No wonder Krystal hated my parties.

My self-confidence takes a hit, knowing that nothing I had done, had been good enough for Krystal.

“What are you doing here?!” the shout brings me out of my thoughts.

I turn to look and find Krystal. She stares at me in anger and disgust. As if my very presence would ruin the day for her. Her shout had attracted the attention of guests. Both humans and wolves.

I don’t speak. Unable to comprehend what changed in Krystal. Why she all of a sudden hated me. Was it something I did? Something I said?

“I don’t want you here, leave and don’t ever come back!” she screamed. Her hands balled tightly in a fist.

“Honey, I come to bring you your gift” I tell her gently. My voice trembling from trying to holding my tears back.

I was really trying. The last thing I needed was to be the talk of the city. I could feel the pity from our packmates through the bond. And I know majority don’t agree with what Darren is doing. But I don’t want their pity. I just want my family back.

Krystal reaches out to take the gift. I was about to sigh in relief, to smile at her. But then she does something I never expected her to.

She throws the gift to the floor, before stomping on it. Breaking the doll I had bought her. I look at the broken doll, which is the perfect reflection of my broken heart. She stomped on the doll the same way she just stomped on my heart.

“I told you I don’t want you here, and I don’t want your stupid and ugly present” she snapped at me. She was shaking as if she couldn’t control her anger and hatred.

How did it get to this? What did Miranda have that I didn’t? What was it about her that made my family love her but hate me.

All I ever done was to love them. Give them all of me. The best of me. I’ve done all I could to be the perfect mate and wife. To be the perfect mother but it seemed none of that was enough. Because Miranda easily replaced me in their hearts.

“Krys…” I choke out her name. The pain and tears blocking my airway.

She interrupts me by shouting. “No! I hate you and daddy hates you too. We don’t want you here. Daddy is going to marry mommy Miranda but you don’t want them to because you are a bad and evil person. You’re jealous of her because she is prettier than you and you’re ugly. If you don’t let daddy be happy then I’ll pray for the goddess to punish you and send you to hell”

I stumble back because I feel like I’ve been physically punched. That not only does she hates me so much she would wish me to hell but also because Darren is planning to mate with Miranda.

How did this happen? How had I turned from her mother to the villain in their fairytale story?


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