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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 31

The next day I wake up tired, with red and puffy eyes. As usual I wake up alone since Sebastian didn’t come to bed. Not that I expected him to anyway. He has made it rather clear that he would rather stay in his office than sleep in the same bed as me.

I get ready and leave for the office all the while my mind is still reeling from the news Sebastian dropped on me yesterday. How the hell am I supposed to deal with my child being chosen to be the moon goddess’s oracle?

The life of an oracle isn’t as smooth as people think. They think that it’s an honor and nothing else past that. They don’t think about how dangerous it is for them given that packs fight over them. That is one of the main issues I have with the life of being an oracle.

As much as Krystal will be the link between us and the goddess. Also the fact that she’ll be able to see into the future. I still don’t want that kind of life for her. Where her fate is already decided. She won’t be able to enjoy her highschool, or go to prom, or experience college or choose her own career. If indeed she is the next oracle then she’ll have to drop out of school at thirteen because that’s when she’ll start her oracle training.

I take my breakfast and my mind is still on the subject. Even Jax and Krystal’s banter isn’t enough to get me out of my funk.

“Alright, come on…let’s go” I tell them once we’re done with breakfast.

I was going to drop them off before heading to the office. This is a new routine I came up with after I transferred Krystal to Jax’s school. I drop them off in the morning and then the driver picks them up in the evening.

They take their bags and rush outside. I take my handbag and keys and walk out. Noting that Sebastian is nowhere to be seen or heard. Why does that make me feel some type of way?

I get outside and find a guy I have never seen before standing near the Mercedes Sebastian gave me. He is buffed up and full of tattoos. He has a scar running down from his brow, right through his left eye and down his cheek. Ending just a few inches on top of his mouth. With that scar he looks like the character Scar from the lion king. He looks pretty scary.

He smiles at me which takes away a bit of the scariness. At least he has a good set of white teeth and his smile is warm.

“Good morning Luna, I’ll be your personal guard and driver” he says politely. “My name is Hunter”

“Hi Hunter, it’s nice to meet you…No disrespect or anything but you’re not supposed to be here.” I regard him, my eyes studying him.

The smile doesn’t fall from his face nor does it waiver even a little bit.

“That may be so…But it is Alpha’s orders and I can’t go against them”

Without taking my eyes off him, I get my phone from my bag and dial Sebastian’s number.

“Mommy hurry up. We’re going to be late” Krystal yells from inside the car.

I smile and reply. “Give me a moment”

I tap my foot impatiently as I wait for my alpha mate to answer. Note the sarcasm. I was about to hang up after the fourth ring but he finally picks up.

“What?” he grumbled.

I didn’t like his tone of voice. “Why is a man named Hunter standing next to my car? I thought we discussed this”

Technically we didn’t discuss it but like I said. I would have loved it if he had given me an option in the matter. Not just springing a stranger on me like this.

“He helped track you so he’s now your personal guard Red. I thought I made that clear yesterday” he sighs.

“You could have gone through it with me first” I say petulantly. The need to stomp my feet like a child almost overtakes me.

There is a shuffle on his side of the line. “I did. Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m in a meeting. Don’t leave his sight Red” he commands before hanging up the phone.

For some reason that made me feel like he was admonishing me. As if I were a stubborn child.

I take the phone from my ear and just look at it. My mouth opens in shock that he would just hang up on me.

“That arrogant, egoistic alpha. How dare he hang up on me” I mutter to myself.

The gravelly chuckle makes me snap my head towards Hunter. I’d completely forgotten that he was standing just a few feet from me.

“Shall we go?” he asks, his smile widening.

I clear my throat trying to hide the embarrassment I felt at being caught talking ill of my mate. I wonder if Hunter will report that to him. Or worse, tell the pack members. He doesn’t seem like the gossipy kind but then who knows.

I silently get inside the car. He joins soon after and we hit the road. About thirty minutes later we were dropping off the kids.

“Have a great day, and stay away from trouble” I warn, hugging them both.


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