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The Silent Wife novel (Rachel and Justin) novel Chapter 33

Chapter 33

The atmosphere in the car almost felt like it was frozen.

Justin looked like he was still trapped in his dream as he hadn’t loosened his grip on Rachel’s wrist. His sharp gaze slowly turned out of focus as he looked in her direction, and it seemed like he was looking at someone else through her.

At this moment, she was too terrified to budge an inch.

“Mr. Burton, we‘ve reached the hospital.”

The driver’s announcement managed to snap him out of his thoughts, clearing the haze before his eyes as he began to get a clear look at the woman in front of him. Almost immediately, his expression turned back to his usual cold look before he blurted, “Get down.”

Not daring to delay further, she quickly obliged by grabbing her tote bag and got out of the car.

As she watched the MPV take off from the hospital’s entrance, she heaved a sigh of relief. However,

she was still dwelling on what happened earlier as she rubbed her wrist that was held forcefully. Out of instinct, she turned her wrist several times to ensure that it was still intact.

This man is scary even in his sleep.

However… She heard him call out a name earlier.

Was it… Katie?

Meanwhile, Justin was still in a trance after the car had left the hospital.

As the driver held the wheels, he asked with a worried look, “Mr. Burton, did you have a nightmare again just now?”

Justin’s thick brows furrowed as his expression turned stoic.

It had been years since he last dreamt about the big fire.

Human’s memory was bound to fade off as time passed. No matter how hard he tried to remember, his memory of her seemed to be gradually fading away.

He couldn’t recall when was the last time he remembered her face. All he could remember was a pair of eyes filled with tears in the big fire. Every time he tried to take a better look at her face, the dream would end.

Earlier, he saw Rachel’s face on the girl in the fire.

At the thought of that, he clenched his fists so tight that his green veins looked as if they were popping out.

How could she?

“To the cemetery.” The driver could hear Justin’s cold voice coming from the backseat.

The driver was caught off guard when his gaze met Justin’s through the rear-view mirror. At once, his hands that were gripping the wheel trembled before he answered, “Alright.”

Justin didn’t say anything else after that succinct instruction.

Meanwhile, Rachel was spending the entire day at the hospital with her grandma.

It was going to be Monday the next day, and her grandma’s operation was scheduled to start early in the morning. It was specially arranged by Julian in regards to Rachel, so she was going to keep her grandma company throughout the night.

“Her temperature’s normal. If no problem occurs, she’ll be able to undergo the operation early in the morning.”

In the ward, Julian was measuring Nancy’s body temperature as he spoke to Rachel about things she should look out for prior to the operation.

“She has to fast starting this afternoon. Later around 2 P.M., she’ll have to undergo an enema. There will be some slight discomfort, so do give her a heads up to mentally prepare.”

With a nod, Rachel wrote, “I’ll let my grandma know.”

“Right, you must’ve not had lunch yet.” Taking a glance at his watch, he proposed, “Come on, let’s eat together.”

Nonetheless, she shook her head in rejection. ‘No thanks. I’d like to keep my grandma company.”

As Julian was about to say something, a woman’s voice cut him off. “Julian, you’re here. I’ve been looking for you high and low.”

Upon hearing that, both Rachel and Julian frowned, and they did it almost in sync.

None of them needed to look to know that it was Amber.

Dr. Peters, you can go along with your work. I’ll head back in.’

At once, Julian held on to Rachel before he said, “You still need to eat.”


As Julian’s gaze swept past Amber, he said coldly, “We’re going to eat. What do you need?”

Just as Rachel was about to free herself from his grip, he spoke up. “There are so many people in the hospital cafeteria. What’s inappropriate about eating together? Your house rules must be very strict, Miss Hudson.”

In response, he frowned and asked with patience, “Are you avoiding me? Is there a reason why you’re doing that?”


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