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Doted by My Billionaire Husband (Olive and Elvis) novel Chapter 23

The Substitute Bride: Doted by My billionaire Husband by Sumpto Midway
Chapter 23 The Man She Saved
Who was that woman?
Elvis was a matured man. It was his personal phone.
Is the woman his lover?
Why were they together?
The questions flooded Olive’s mind.
“What really is my relationship with Elvis, and why would I need his help?”
She was just a contract wife. It was normal for him to have a lover outside.
After being abandoned at nine. She had taught herself to grow independently. Apart
from North, she didn’t dare to entrust her sincerity to anyone.
She didn’t want to be stabbed in the back again by her loved ones, hence she pushed
them away.
However, this man named Elvis has barged into her life forcefully. And in such short
period of time, he had broken a wall she had built in ten years and made her become
dependent on him.
Dependency, when turned to a habit was bound to make one weak.
Olive’s hands and feet were cold. She calmed her self and took out her phone. She
typed a message and Forwarded it to Derrick.
“See you tomorrow night!”
Abroad, in the presidential suite, the public relations director, Rita Donaldson stared at
Elvis’s phone strangely. Andrew Peters walked in.
“Director Rita, who told you to enter the CEOs room? And why did you answer his call?”
Rita tapped on the documents in her hands,
“Secretary Andrew, I brought the documents that needs to be reviewed by the CEO.”
“The CEO doesn’t like people entering his room and also touching his personal
belongings. Next time, just hand over the documents directly to me. Remember, it’s not
an excuse, hurry up and leave.”
“Yes secretary Andrew.”
“By the way, who called just now?” Andrew inquired.
Rita shook her head and said,
“I don’t know. The person hung up without saying a word.”
Andrew didn’t care about it. He waved his hand and said.
“Let’s go back to work. The CEO will be leaving soon.”
“But secretary Andrew, why is the CEO in such a hurry to go back?”
“Rita, you’re here to work right? Why don’t you focus on your job?”
“I’m sorry.” With that, Rita walked out of the room.
The next day.
Olive went to see Derrick, she stood at the door and rang a bell.
Soon the door flung open and Derrick stood beside the door. Olive walked in andDerrick
closed the door.
“Derrick, where’s aunt Rebecca? How do I know if you’re saying the truth? Place a call
to her. I want to hear her voice.” Olive went straight to the point.
Derrick nodded, he took out his phone and dialed a number. He handed over the phone
to Olive, who placed it
beside her car.
Aunt Rebecca’s familiar voice sounded.
“Hello, is this young master? When are you going to let me speak with young miss?”
Aunt Rebecca had always refered to Olive’s mother as Miss, and Olive, little miss. Ten
years had elapsed and she still called Olive little miss.
Olive’s felt a sore in her throat as her eyes reddened. Everyone has changed, but Aunt
Rebecca hadn’t.
“Hello, Aunty Rebecca, it’s me, Olive.”
“Little Miss, is it really you?…” She stopped as she coughed vehemently.
Olive knew that Aunt Rebecca’s body had depleted in recent years.
Olive held the phone nervously.
“Aunt Becca…”
Derrick grabbed the phone from her and hung up
“Now you can see that I spoke the truth.”
Derrick held the phone and approached Olive who was moving backwards.
“Don’t come any Closer. Our deal is that you hand over aunt Rebecca to me, then I’ll
sleep with you.”
A frown covered Derrick’s face,
“Olive, weren’t you aware of the bid? Now you’re begging me to give Aunt Rebecca to
“Derrick, you’re the one who didn’t understand the deal. Now you’re begging me to
sleep with you!”
“Olive, where do you generate your confidence from?”
Olive sneered,
You slept with Gabriella last night, but you called me so I could sleep with you. Your
dissatisfied face is my greatest confidence.”
Derrick glared coldly at her.
“That’s that for today. When you bring aunt Rebecca, we’ll have a deal.” Olive turned
and made for the door.
“Olive, don’t force me!” Derrick dragged her back by her wrist.
However, Olive was prepared. She smashed the bag in her hand into Derrick’s face,
“Derrick, what do you mean by I’m forcing you? Ten years ago, you testified against me
and now you’re using aunt Rebecca to force me to sleep with you. Are you worthy of the
love my mother had for you?Are you!”
Derrick froze.
Olive’s flared eyes stared at him like an angry beast.
After some time, Derrick stepped forward and placed his hands on her shoulder.
“I understand that you don’t wanna sleep with me. But, I don’t understand why it isn’t
the same with other men.”
Looking at his paranoid expression, Olive did not refute. She just asked calmly,
“When was I with another man?”
Derrick was a bit reluctant to bring up the topic.
“Oh, you think no one knows what you’ve done?” I went to the suburbs to find you that
winter. I didn’t return for a whole night. I searched for you throughout that night.
Gabriella later told me that you and a wild man had been lingering in a cave all night.
When I rushed over, I even saw you both sleeping together!”
Olive finally understood the reason.
The man that night was in cold. The snow had blocked the road and he could not return
home. So she had taken the unconscious man to the cave for the night.
It turned out that Gabriella said that she was having an affair with the man. And he
believed it.
Olive forcefully pushed him aware and the said,
“I have nothing to say to you. Give Aunt Rebecca to me, then we’ll have a trade. Ponder
about it.”
She opened the door and left.
Back at the Red Villa. North was pissed at what Olive narrated to her,
How old were you back then? Why are these people so dirty minded. But Olive, do you
still remember the man you had saved?”


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