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Doted by My Billionaire Husband (Olive and Elvis) novel Chapter 24

The Substitute Bride: Doted by My billionaire Husband by Sumpto Midway
Chapter 24 Caught
The man she saved back then?
Olive recalled that she was twelve. She had rescued a man who had been unconscious
in the snow. She was sure that if she had delayed, the man would have died in the
At that time, the road was blocked by the snow, and it was almost dark. The
temperature was very cold and his body was shaking. She took the man to a nearby
cave and lit a wood to keep him warm. However, he was still very cold.
Olive had taken off her clothes and hugged him tightly, using her body temperature to
keep him warm. And that was how the man survived.
Thinking about it now, she was only twelve and had only wanted saving a human. But in
the eyes of others, it turned out to be a different picture.
North was right. Gabriella and Derrick were really dirty.
Olive replied,
“Eight years has passed. I can’t remember the man anymore. Even if he stood in front
of me, I probably wouldn’t recognize him. But when he woke up, he had given me a
diamond pendant. He said he was gonna come back for
“What about the diamond pendant?” North asked.
“Uhm. I kinda lost it.”
North sent an perplexed emoji.
“Haven’t you read any romance novels? According to cliche, the man you saved must
be a prince of a wealthy family.
Olive really didn’t know where the diamond pendant had gone. She remembered that
she had locked the pendant in the drawer in her room, but when she had opened it
again, the pendant was gone.
North sent a message to Olive. Derrick’s phone was tracked. The call he made was
connected to a cottage on the outskirts of LA, and aunt Rebecca was there.
Olive looked at the address sent by North. She had already planned on meeting up later
with Derrick and using herself as a bait.
Derrick hid Aunt Rebecca in a cottage in the suburbs. Great! She had found the
Olive sent a big kiss emoji and ended the chat. It was already night and it was very
convenient for her to move around. She wanted finding Aunt Rebecca immediately.
Regarding the matter of Gabriella slandering her, she was gonna find a good time to
teach her a lesson.
The priority was to rescue aunt Rebecca.
When Olive was about leaving, her phone rang. She looked down at the screen and
saw the name,
“Mr. Augustine.”
It was Elvis. The phone rang for about three times, but Olive didn’t answer the call.
Soon, a message pop in. She clicked on it and it was Elvis’s message,
“fallen asleep?”
Olive stared at the screen, it was his usual concise and strong style. She scrolled up
and read their previous chats.
She realized that she had really fallen for his company. Now that she had recovered,
she needed to build a high wall and keep him out. So he would not have a chance to
hurt her.
Olive didn’t reply to the chat. She placed her phone in her bag and headed to the
cottage in the suburbs.
Elvis had already returned to Los Angeles. As soon as he arrived at the airport, Harry
and Raven had gone to pick him up.
Sitting in the luxurious limousine car, Elvis stared at the phone in his hand. He had
waited long for her reply. But none was forthcoming. His face clouded with a frown.
Harry who sat beside him let out a laugh and said,
“Bro, why did you come back two says earlier than planned? You even flew overnight.
And there’s some beauty imbedded in your phone. I’ve been watching you since.”
Elvis didn’t take his eyes off his phone, and didn’t also respond to him.
Raven smiled and added.
“Elvis doesn’t have time for more beauties. That’ll be be adultery right?”
Elvis raised his legs and kicked Raven.
Ouch!” Raven muttered amidst laughter.
Elvis placed a call to Red Villa.
When the housekeeper. Uncle Henry, answered the call, Elvis asked,
“Where’s Olive? Is she asleep already?”
Raven wiped the dust that Elvis’s shoes had imprinted on his trouser.
“You don’t wanna admit that you’re already falling for that girl.”
“Young master, ma’am Olive had just left.“Uncle Henry has replied.
Okay.” Elvis hung up the call.
Harry was already exploding,
“Damn! What’s the matter with your lady. Bro, it’s already eight o’clock in the evening.
You just arrived from a buisness trip. Isn’t she meant to have taken a bath, then put on
a sexy nightdress and lay on the bed awaiting you. Bro, are you sure this girl ain’t
cheating on you?”
Elvis glared at Harry, ordering him to shut him. He looked at his secretary. Andrew, in
the driver’s seat,
“Find out where Olive is.”
“Yes, president.” Andrew nodded respectfully.
Olive arrived in the suburbs and found the cottage. She gently opened the door and
quickly smelled a strong scent of medicine. Aunt Rebecca was not well. And it seemed
that Derrick had treated her.
Seeing Aunt Rebecca lying on the bed, Olive realized how much she had aged.
“Aunt Rebecca.” Olive called and quickly walked over and gently shook her,
Aunt Rebecca, open your eyes, it’s me.”
Aunt Rebecca weakly opened her eyes. When she saw Olive, her sick eyes instantly
“Miss, it’s really you young miss. Sir Derrick didn’t lie to me. He brought me to you.”
Aunt Rebecca carefully stared at Olive, tears of relief fell from her eyes,
“Little miss, you’re already grown up.”
Aunt Rebecca was so excited that she coughed vehemently and spat out blood.
Olive quickly caught Aunt’s Rebecca’s pulse. Her body was completely drained.
“Aunt Rebecca, don’t say nothing. You need to go to the hospital for treatment. I’ll take
you out of here.”
Olive supported her and the headed for the door. The light outside the house were
brightly lit and Derrick walked in.


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