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Doted by My Billionaire Husband (Olive and Elvis) novel Chapter 25

The Substitute Bride: Doted by My billionaire Husband by Sumpto Midway
Chapter 25 She’s My Woman
Derrick came in with a group of bodyguards, who were clothed in black. He looked at
“Olive, where are you taking her to?”
Olive stopped in her tracks.
“Derrick, did you know that’ll be here?.
“Olive, I really don’t know how found this place, but we grew up together. I know you to
an extent. You’re too smart. You really didn’t disappoint me.”
Olive looked at Derrick.
“Aunt Rebecca just vomited blood.I need to take her to the hospital. We’ll settle our deal
later, okay?”
Derrick stared at Olive’s bright and clear eyes, shinning with intelligence. She was
beautiful and dazzling. He shook
his head.
“Olive, I don’t know what you’re thinking about. But I can send her to the hospital, but
you have to stay and complete the deal that we had.”
Olive frowned. She knew she couldn’t say no at this point.
The two men in black stepped forward and took Aunt Rebecca to the car. Derrick
grabbed Olive’s arm and pushed her into the bed.
Olive wanted standing up, but Derrick pinned her wrist and climbed on her, reaching out
to unbutton her clothes.
Olive shut her eyes.
“Derrick, you’re hurting me. Let me go!”
Derrick let go her and begun taking off his coat.
“Olive, don’t play tricks with me. I don’t wanna hurt you.”
Olive raised her little hand and took the initiative to undress him.
Thecorners of Derrick’s eyes were a little scarlet. In his understanding, the girl was his
bride and belonged to him.
In the past few years, he had dated many girlfriends, including Gabriella, but when he
was horny, all he thought of was Olive.
He made to kiss her neck, Olive’s eyes turned cold, she pulled a needle from her neck
and made to stab Derrick on his neck. But Derrick was faster and had grabbed her
hand and said,
“Olive, you should know by now that you can’t hide your tricks from me!”
Olive sneered,
“Oh, right?”
In spilt seconds, she bent her knee and fiercely kicked him in his loins.
“Fuck!” Derrick snorted and grabbed her violently. His face had turned sinister. He hated
her the most for cheating and betraying him.
“Olive, you shouldn’t have angered me! I already said that you’re mine! Your heart and
body belong to me!”
Olive struggled and pushed him hard, avoiding his violent kiss.
“Derrick, let me go!
A strange voice suddenly sounded outside, with a loud bang the door was kicked open..
The loud noise was accompanied by a thrilling hostility. The cold wind flowed in. A deep
and magnetic voice sounded,
“Take your dirty hands off her!”
Olive quickly raised her eyes. She looked at the tall figure by the door, as Elvis walked
Elvis was still clothed in his formal outfit. He wore a white shirt and a tie, with a perfectly
fitted black suit. His actions were filled with elegance, and a powerful aura.
Derrick looked at Elvis. He had never seen him before. Elvis’s narrow eyes landed on
Derrick’s hand which was still wrapped around Olive’s waist. Derrick felt his body go
numb, and he subconsciously let go of her.
Harry walked over clapping his hands,
“Bro. I’ve dealt with all those little guards.”
Derrick was shocked when he saw Harry. He was the biggest bully in LA. Who didn’t
know him?
Raven strolled in gently. It was obvious he did nothing. His cold black eyes met
Derrick’s and he said.
“Your boys are down, let her go.”
When Derrick saw Harry, he was shocked. But when he saw the aristocratic son of the
Blue’s family, his heart had already started pounding heavily.
Before him stood the two sons of the Blue and Heaven’s family.
Elvis paid no attention to Derrick, he moved to Olive. Her clothes were messy, which
made her feel embarrassed. She used her hands and covered her chest.
He looked at her, his voice low and cool.
“You didn’t tell him who you are?”
Olive curled her fingers, like a child being reprimanded by her father.
Elvis stretched out his hands and took hers in and walked towards the door.
Derrick had never seen such a man in LA. The man was accompanied by the sons of
the Blue family and the crown prince of the Heaven’s family. His status was either rich
or wealthy.
Derrick couldn’t help but ask,
“Who are you?”
Elvis did not stop, but there was a slight sneer on the corner of his lips.
“She’s my woman. If today’s incident ever repeat itself. Then you’ll know who I am.”
Elvis and Olive had disappeared from his sight. Derrick clenched his fists in a frantic
He stopped and quickly thought of the possibility of the man being, Elvis Augustine.
How was that possible?
“How could Olive be related to someone as big as Elvis? But how can the Rolls–Royce,
Harry and Raven be explained?” Derrick sat and pondered deeply.
Olive was carried into the limousine by Elvis. She was sitting in his arms.
Olive suddenly thought of Aunt Rebecca. She raised her eyes and look at Elvis. Elvis
was also staring at her.


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