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Doted by My Billionaire Husband (Olive and Elvis) novel Chapter 26

The Substitute Bride: Doted by My billionaire Husband by Sumpto Midway
Chapter 26 I think you really need to clean up
Olive’s eyes met Elvis’s cold and serene eyes. Olive avoided his gaze and said,
“Thank you for today.”
Noticing that she was dodging his stare, Elvis pursed his lips.
“Apart from thank you, do you have something else to say to me?”
Olive lightly bit her red lips. At this moment, Elvis raised his hand and his fingers
suddenly landed on the button her collar.
Olive’s eyes narrowed, she quickly held his big hand. She muttered vigilantly,
“What do you intend doing?”
Elvis looked at her and sneered sarcastically. He buttoned the two loose buttons on her
“What do you think I wanted doing? Make the car to shake?”
Olive could sense that he was in a bad mood, and he had become aggressive. Olive
was about to retreat, a little embarrassed. Her snow white earlobes became even more
“I want to go see Aunt Rebecca in the hospital.”
“We’llbe there in a while.”
Olive made to stand up from his arms. But his grip on her was so strong as an iron
hoop, that she could not move. She moved restlessly. Elvis frowned at her actions and
held tighter to her wrist. Olive stayed still and didn’t dare to
The car drove at high speed. The bright neon lights outside poured in brightly through
thewindow. Elvis handsome facial features were gorgeously revealed.
He felt a burden in his chest, he turned to look at her, and he asked,
“Remember what I told you?
“Didn’t I say that, if there were problems you couldn’t solve that you should call me?
Olive grabbed the tips of her dress. There were some things that had to be made clear.
“Mr. Augustine, I do remember what you said. I admit that I was a little reckless tonight.
If you didn’t come in time. what could have happened was unpredictable, but I don’t
want to trouble you with everything. After all, we’re only binded by a contract.”
Elvis’s eyes dark
“Do you really think so?”
“Yes.” Olive nodded.
Elvis retracted his arm from her body and said..
“Get off my arm now!”
Olive had never seen him lose him temper in such a way. Olive stood up from his arm
and adjusted from him. Elvis laughed angrily when he saw her being so obedient.
None spoke to each other and they arrived at the hospital half an hour later.
Aunt Rebecca had already been sent to the VIP ward, and professional nurses were
taking care of her.
Olive knew that Elvis had done all that. He was indeed a thoughtful man. He was
mature and wise.
Aunt Rebecca was in a coma and hadn’t woken up yet. Her situation wasn’t very good.
Olive sat on the edge of the bed and held Aunt Rebecca’s cold and elderly hand. She
felt really sad.
A soothing voice sounded,
“Eat something first.”
Olive raised her eyes and saw Elvis. Harry and Raven was also with him.
Harrysmiled at her and said,
“Hello, sister–in–law.”
Hearing Harry’s choice of name, Olive could only fake a smile. Uncle Henry came in
with a big plastic bag.
“Young mistress, young master explained that I cook you some rice and sauce. To take
care of a patient, you need to first take care if yourself.”
Olive really hadn’t eaten a thing the entire night. She didn’t expect him to be so
Olive looked at Elvis who stood by the window. He had already taken off his black coat.
Aside from North. Elvis was the only person who made her feel warm. But she was
hesitant to let go of her heart.
She was afraid of being heartbroken. Olive walked up to Elvis and said to him,
“Mr Augustine, I’ll stay here tonight with Aunt Rebecca. You should go home and get a
rest first.”
Elvis turned and looked at her.
“Why didn’t you answer my call?”
Olive pondered for a moment and quickly replied,
“I didn’t see your call.”
“How about my chat, do you mean you didn’t also see that?”
Before Olive could speak, Harry stuck his head and said,
“Bro, are you now active on social media? When we wanted opening an account for
you, you were totally against it. And now you’re active just because of sister in–law. You
really value women over your guys!”
Elvis turned to glare at Harry,
“Get out!”
Mr. Henry realizing that the atmosphere wasn’t favourable, he quickly walked out of the
room, and shut the door.
In the ward, Olive was still immersed in Harry’s words.
“Was she really the only one that he chatted with?”
Elvis reached out and grabbed her phone away from her.
“What are you doing with my phone? Give it back.” Olive stood on tiptoe and tried
collecting the phone from him. Elvis opened her message and took a look. Sure
enough, the message sent by him was already read. She intentionally did not reply to
“Give me an explanation.” Elvis said poring deep into her eyes.
“What explanation do you need? There’s no explanation. Yes I saw it, and I didn’t reply.”
Elvis’s handsome brows covered with gloom. He had rushed back just to hear her say
Now her slender body was almost close to his, and the sweet fragrance from her body
swept across his nose.
“Are you flirting with me again? He forced a hoarse voice.
Olive’s eyes widened and she immediately felt his scorching body temperature. She
quickly backed aways and wanted staying away from him
Elvis held her smooth shoulder and pushed her against the wall, preventing her from
running away.
“I came all the way just for you to treat me so coldly and violently. You did something
wrong, but you dare to speak unapologetically. I think you really need to clean up!”


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