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Doted by My Billionaire Husband (Olive and Elvis) novel Chapter 27

The Substitute Bride: Doted by My billionaire Husband by Sumpto Midway
Chapter 27 Do you dare to bite me?
After being yelled at by him. Olive was so frightened thatshe hid in the corner and
stared at him with watery eyes.
Elvis took a deep breath and resisted the pounding of his chest.
Don’t pretend, you know you did something wrong. Look at me. I won’t pity you.”
Olive’s white hands clasped on the wall.
“I’m sorry Mr. Augustine, I admit that i purposely didn’t take your call and messages. I
just didn’t want to feel indebted to you.”
“Did you distinguish between us so clearly?” Elvis questioned.
Olive nodded,
We’re different individuals, who have our own personal problems. Our lives are very
different. You’ll always follow your path of sunshine, while I’ll follow my one–plank
Elvis had never felt that way before. His proud and disciplined self had repeatedly been
broken by her.
A photo which she sent on mistake had grabbed his attention the entire night and day.
Thus the reason he rushed back. Her sudden indifference and alienation made him
almost go out of control.
Since when had she affected his mind so badly?
Elvis let out a low hoarse laugh and mocked her,
“Little turtle”
Olive clenched her fists against the wall. To him, she was just a tortoise with a shrinking
head. She did not dare to give her heart to him.
Elvis changed his words and raised his heroic eyebrows.
“Since you’re so clear, then I saved you today. Shouldn’t you express your gratitude?”
Olive blinked her lashes and asked,
“Didn’t I thank you already?”
“Are you pretending to be confused with me again? You really don’t understand the way
women express their gratitude to men?
Olive quickly covered his mouth with her hand, preventing him from uttering nonsense.
They stared at each other and saw their shadows in each other’s eyes.
Elvis kissed her soft palm. Olive felt as if the palm of her hand had been on fire. She
quickly withdrew her small hand.
Elvislowered his eyes and kissed her. He made to remove her mask, but she held his
The overwhelming kiss made Olive feel dizzy.The clean and masculine smell on his
body was really good. It got people addicted to his scent.
He had just kissed her in such a rogue way. Olivequickly pressed against his strong
chest and tried to push him away, but he didn’t move a muscle.
Her slender white fingers curled up, and tugged at the black suit on his body. The high–
quality fabric had the charming texture of a successful man in the business world.
Soon, she pulled the fabric into folds.
Elvis let go of her. He tuck his handsome face into her long beautiful hair, and sniffed
the fragrance from it.
Olive legs wobbled, and her milk white skin was slowly turning red. Elvis closed his
eyes and muttered,
“Is that Derrick your ex- fiance?”
The lights in the ward were dim. He had blocked her in the corner. Olive tried her best
to stick to the wall and not rely on him.
“You need to recognize your identity. No matter what, you’re my Mrs. Augustine. Keep a
safe distance from all these men. Who ever you dare to hook up with, I’ll kill him first
and then clean you up. Do you understand?” His words. screamed bad threats.
Olive nodded. Elvis gaze fell on her face, he raised his hand and made to remove her
mask, but she turned her head avoiding his touch.
Elvis fingers stiffened, but he didn’t force her.
“Has Derrick seen your face without the mask before?”
“No” Olive shook her head. Elvis was reluctantly satisfied. She had a pair of extremely
beautiful eyes. He lowered his head and kissed her again.
Olive didn’t expect him to continue. Originally, she wanted drawing a clear line between
them. But now that they were both kissing, it was beyond her control.
“Mr. Augustine. I’ve already thanked you. If you takeadvantage of me again, I’ll bite
eyes were filled with red flames, he looked sloppy and sexy.
“Mrs Augustine, you can go ahead and bite.”
He took her lips into his and kissed her passionately. The door suddenly fluttered open,
“Bro, are you and Olive quarrelling?”
Elvis hastily pulled Olive into his arms, preventing Harry from seeing him kiss her.
Harry covered his hands with hands.
“I saw nothing. You can should go ahead.”
Afraid of being beaten by Elvis, Harry chuckle and left the room.
With a reddened face, Olive quickly pushed Elvis away, breaking up the charming
Elvis frowned, his tuck his right hand into his trousers pocket.
“Eat first then get a rest.” With that he walked out of the room.
Elvis stood at the corridor of the smoking area, he lit a cigarette and smoked from it.
Elvis took his time to smoke to his satisfaction. Once he was done he headed back to
the room.
Olive had already fallen asleep. She laid on the bed in the VIP ward. Her delicate body
was so small and tender. Elvis sighted the note which laid on the table. On it was her
beautiful writing.
There’s some food left. Mr. Augustine, do you wanna have some?”
“This little tortoise has a conscience?” Elvis thought as he read her note.
Elvis dissipated the gloom on his face and headed for the bathroom. After briefly taking
a shower, he laid down on the bed beside Olive.
The bed wasn’t big. With a man as tall as Elvis, it was a bit crowded. Even while
sleeping, Olive was very conscious, she wrapped the
ket across her body and consumed a very!
Elvis stretched out his arm and hugged her. Olive moaned lightly. She quickly wrapped
her hands around Elvis’s arm, rubbing him like kitten.
Elvis hugged her tighter and placed soft kisses on her neck.


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