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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 14

The steady hum of voices is what woke me up. I blinked my eyes a couple of times before everything came into focus. That’s also when I registered the pain. I frowned, confused at first then everything came crashing down. The men at my cottage and the attack. The last thing I remembered was hearing Sebastian’s thunderous roar.

“She’s awake”

I turn to see Claire standing next to Sebastian. The look of concern was enough to tell me all was not well. Sebastian on the other hand just looked immaculate. No hair out of place. His usual cold mask on.

“How are you feeling Renny?” Claire asked me.

“Like I’ve been run over by an over speeding train…how long have I been out?”

I knew we were at the hospital. The smell of antiseptic gave it away. I hated hospitals. They were mostly gloomy, sad and grief stricken.

“Two days” Sebastian answers tersely. His voice gruff.

“What the hell, two days! And how come I’m still in pain. Shouldn’t I be healed by now?” I fired the question at no one in particular.

It was really uncommon for a werewolf to be in the hospital for that long. We usually healed quickly. So I was supposed to be up and about days ago. As in a few hours after that horrible incident.

“The doctors said that your wolf is weak. Why didn’t you tell me what was happening to you and Blue? Why did you keep it from me?” Claire says the last part in a snarl.

The moment she tells me that, I check on Blue. She’s asleep but I still try calling her. She doesn’t answer though. So I let her continue sleeping, she needed it.

Sebastian doesn’t say anything. Just takes a seat, crossing his leg over the other. Occupying the space like he owned it.

“I didn’t want you to worry. You already had so much going on with Mason I didn’t want to add to your worries. Besides, it will be taken care of soon” I mumbled, unable to meet her eyes.

“I’m your best friend Lauren, we don’t keep such things from each other. I would have been there for you regardless. You’re a part of me just like Mason is. Losing you would kill me.” she says with tears in her eyes.

This was why I didn’t want to tell her. Claire has always been the soft one. The one who feels more. The one who takes everyone’s burdens and carries them herself. I honestly believe she’s an empath. Regardless of that, I love her. And I love that she would have taken my problems as if they were her own. We may not be related by blood but our bond was unbreakable.

“I know and I’m sorry. I just thought I was protecting you from the inevitable while I tried to find a solution” I grasp her hand in mine. Hoping that I can communicate without words where I was coming from.

I’ve never been good with words. Nor have I ever been good at communicating my feelings but Claire just got me. In a way that even Darren never did.

“Fine” she grumbled, still pissed off. “But let this be the last time you keep me in the dark. On that note. When the fuck were you going to tell me about your mating”

The last part comes out as a shout and it makes me wince. Both from the headache and also because she was probably going to kill me now. Couldn’t Sebastian have waited for me to tell her myself?

I glare at the man in question but he just smirks. Bastard.

“I wanted to, but the right opportunity just never came up. We started seeing each other when I was away and we just wanted to keep it quiet for a while. Keep it from the media until we were both ready for people to know. When I came back we could no longer stay apart and we decided to mate. I guess people do bond over pain because that’s how we feel in love”

I keep my voice smooth, sickeningly sweet and full of love. I even looked at Sebastian with love to make it believable when all I wanted to do was buff. I almost snorted when he reflected the same love sick look back at me.

Damn. Someone should nominate us for the Emmy Award for our outstanding performance.

Claire must have believed the act because she pounced on me. Hugging me so tight that I let out a painful yelp. I hated lying to her but I had no choice. I couldn’t break Sebastian’s terms. My and Blue’s sanity depended on it.

“Sorry, Sorry…but I’m so happy. Sebastian is definitely an upgrade from that fucker” she says, a look of disgust distorting her features when she refers to Darren.

“He’s your alpha Claire. Give him some respect” I say jokingly.

She snorts. “Respect my ass”

I chuckle at that. This is another reason I love Claire. Her loyalty just knows no bounds. She would cross the devil himself for my sake and I would do the same fucking thing.

She checks her watch before looking up at me. “Shoot! I have to go and check on Mason but I’ll be back later. Okay?”

I nod my head. Already feeling tired and drained. If this is how humans felt when they got sick or injured, then it honestly sucks balls.

She hugs me again before whispering in my ear. “I’m really happy that you found another man, but I’m going to keep a close eye on him. I won’t risk you getting hurt a second time by a guy.”


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