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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 15

It’s a week after the incident and I was finally back at home. Today was the day that I would finally get to meet Krystal. It was also the day that Sebastian was going to announce our upcoming wedding.

We had decided to hold it off last week until I was fully recovered. Reasoning that I wasn’t up to dealing with the uproar and media attention that was going to follow.

Sebastian has visited every day when I was in the hospital and we had finally signed the contract. The rules he had laid down hadn’t been too hard. The terms were favorable so I had signed without a second thought.

[We’re here]

I read the text just as I heard a car drive into my driveway. I was nervous about seeing Krystal. I didn’t know what to expect. Did she still despise me? Was she angry that Darren forced her to come?

The slam of the car door forces me to move my feet. I take my bag and car keys. Open the door then lock it behind me and then turn, only to see Darren literally prowling towards me. Krystal was still in the car, with headphones, concentrating on her tablet.

The moment he’s near me. I’m hit by his angry energy. His eyes kept shifting from black to yellow.

“What?” I ask him. Unable to understand why the hell he was pissed.

He doesn’t answer, just takes out his phone and shows me the headlines.


Below was a picture of Sebastian kissing me on the cheek a few weeks ago. It was accompanied by what I guess was a snap of our wedding invitation letter.

“What the hell is this?” Darren asks through his teeth.

I just grin at him. “Well seems the cat is out of the bag.”

“You can’t be serious Ren. If this is a ploy to get back at me by marrying my enemy it won’t work. I don’t love you and I don’t want you back”

I can’t help but snarl. Can you believe this idiot? I want to smash his head against a wall and tear him to pieces. The arrogant piece of shit. As if I would ever want him back.

“The day I want you back will be a cold day in hell. I’d rather have my insides mauled by a bear than get back together with you. So get off your fucking high horse”

He seems shocked for a while before he growls. His hands fisted to his side and his face scrunched up in anger.

“You can’t get mated to him” he forced the words out.

“And why the hell not? The last time I checked I didn’t need your permission to get mated” I say and wave dismissively.

His attention is suddenly caught in the action and he focuses on my hand. If it’s even possible he gets angrier. I look at what has him more pissed off and find him staring at my engagement ring.

Sebastian had given me the beautiful ruby ring after we had signed the contract. Stating the red matched my fiery red hair and attitude .He also said that there was no way his fiancé was going to walk around without a ring. Fake or not.

I didn’t have a ring when I was with Darren. We didn’t even do the traditional human wedding. Just the mating ceremony where he hadn’t even marked me. Looking back now I see it for what it was. A sham. A mockery of the love that I had genuinely felt for him.

“I’m your fucking mate Ren!!” he roars. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing.

I turned to look at Krystal before answering. She was still engrossed in whatever she was watching.

“First of all don’t call me Ren you lost that privilege and second, did you forget that you’re the one that asked for a separation? I’m no longer mated to you Darren. In actuality I never was. As much as I want to regret you, I can’t because that would mean I regret Krystal. But get this through your thick head I love Sebastian and I will get mated to him whether you like it or not.” I say before continuing.

I see something pass in his eyes but it’s gone before I can decipher it.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, Krystal and I have a lunch date” I finish.

I start walking towards the car but he grabs my hand and stops me. “This isn’t over Lauren”

“It was over long before it even started” I answer ripping my arm from him.

I open Darren’s car door and Krystal looks up at me. For some reason she seemed different. Unsure and shy.

“Hi Krys” I say to her with a smile.

“Hi mommy” she replies in a small voice before getting out of the car.

She wraps her hands around my waist. This time I hugged her back. Sighing in relief that she had taken the first step and hadn’t rejected me. I let her go then take her hand. Leading her towards my car.

“Bye daddy. Have a great day” she calls out to her father. Waving her hands at him.

“You too baby.” He replies before pausing. “I’ll pick her up at six Lauren”

His voice which had been soft seconds ago turns hard when he addresses me. Guess he was still angry. Not my problem though.


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