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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 16

“Let go of my mommy” Krystal shouts, hitting him anywhere she could get her hands on. I can hear the panic and fear in her voice and it drives my own.

I try to get him to let go but he just squeezes tighter.

“Shut the fuck up you brat” he says before pushing her. Making her fall.

Blue was too weak to fight back so I was basically human. I was starting to lose air. Black dots dancing in my vision. Just when I had lost hope. I heard a loud bang and the man went still before he crumpled on the floor.

Standing behind him was Claire. Holding a stick. Looking terrified.

“Oh thank the goddess. I didn’t know what to do when I heard Krystal’s scream so I grabbed the nearest thing. Are you two alright?” she asked. Her chest heaving. She was in complete shock

I help Krystal up and hug her to my side. Rubbing the raw flesh around my neck. I was scared and pissed off. This was the second time I’ve been attacked. To make it worse, Krystal was with me and she could have really been hurt.

“Let’s just get out of here” I say. My voice is hoarse even to my own ears.

Claire nods and starts. Leading the way.

“Do you think he’s dead? He’s human after all” Claire asks.

I bark angrily. “I honestly don’t care. But I do hope so”

I could feel Krystal’s tremors. For some reason she was really shaken. We were wolves so she sees this type of thing a lot. I don’t understand why she’s so shaken up. I scoop her up into my arms. She wraps her limbs around me and starts sobbing.

“Shh baby. You’re okay. That bad man can’t hurt you” I coo soothingly.

She continues crying. I was about to soothe her more when a voice cuts in.

“Well…if it isn’t Sebastian’s new woman”

I turn around to find Miranda. Her face contorted in disgust. Her mask was finally off. The real devil behind now revealed.

I look at Claire. “Could you take Krystal with you? I’ll be there in a moment”

I hand Krystal over to her. At first she refuses to go but I assure her that I won’t be long. Just need to have an adult conversation with Miranda

“What do you want Miranda?” I ask once they were gone

I stare at her. Trying to figure out if she had anything to do with the attacks. It’s too much of a coincidence that she would show up minutes after the attack took place.

“Nothing much. Just wanted to tell you that you shouldn’t get too comfortable. I can easily take Sebastian away from you just like I did with Darren. After all he was mine first”

I have the urge to wipe the smug look on her face but I hold back. I glare at her. I was so done with her bullshit.

“Let’s not waste each other’s time here so I’ll get to the point. Don’t test me Miranda you have no idea what I’m capable of. If I find out you’re behind any of my attacks I swear there’s no place you’ll hide that I won’t find. I will destroy you. No one will be able to protect you from me. Not even Darren. I will go through him just to get to you. No one will save you, not even the moon goddess” I finish.

She looks shocked and I swear I see fear swimming in the depths of her eyes.

She recovers quickly. An arrogant look taking place. “You can't touch me. Darren will end you”

Apparently apart from being stupid she was also dumb.

“We’ll see about that. Won’t we” I snap.

I don’t spare her another look and turn. Dismissing her as the unimportant person she was. Leaving her screaming my name angrily.

I find Claire and Krystal waiting by my car. Krystal immediately comes to me. Plastering herself to my side. I don’t mind. After the events of today I really needed the comfort.

“So what did the wicked witch of the east want?” Claire asks curiously. I smile despite the throb in my neck.

I expected Krystal to come to Miranda’s defense but she didn't. She just hugs me tighter. As if she was afraid that I would disappear at any moment.

“I’ll tell you later”

“Do you still want to go dress hunting?” she asks. Her eyes trained on my neck.

I don’t need to be told that bruises are already forming. By the burn I feel there and Claire’s concerned look. I already knew my answer.

“No. I just want to go home and nap”

The attack, plus having to deal with the paparazzi earlier and let’s not forget Miranda. Has left me drained. I feel exhausted and I just want to close my eyes and sleep.

Claire shakes her head in sympathy. “Sorry for what happened today, and don’t worry we will find whoever is behind the attacks and when we do they’ll wish they never crossed you”

Sometimes I forget she’s the female beta. I also forget how scary she can be.

I give her a small smile then hug and thank her for saving us. We say our goodbyes after promising her that I’ll call her once I’m home.


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