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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 19


I stare at the woman who has been nothing but a thorn on my side since the day she came back into our lives. My hate for her was burning deep especially now. I was this close to finally restoring Blue and I back to normal. Yet even that she had to ruin it. Had to take it away. I was fuming mad. Angry wasn’t even close to describe how I was currently feeling.

“You can’t mark her. I won’t allow you to” Miranda insists.

“I don’t get where you got the fucking idea that you can allow me to do anything.” Sebastian says coldly, making Miranda swallow. All her bravado now gone.

We were surrounded by Sebastian’s pack. I was glad to note that none of them seemed particularly welcoming towards Miranda. They were growling at her, ready to charge in her direction and tear her to pieces. She must have been a real piece of work to be hated this much

Sebastian was next to me. He didn’t seem at all fazed or bothered. He just regarded her with a cool and calculating look. He may not be showing any outward emotion but I knew what he was underneath that suit. A beast. A predator, who would strike when you least expected it.


Darren’s voice cuts through the cold night. He looks like a wild bull charging towards us. I guess he had shifted. That was the only explanation of why he had gotten here so fast. That or he had been somewhere nearby.

He comes and stands next to his mate. Wrapping his arms around her in a show of protection. I doubt he would continue doing the same when he finds out that Miranda was here to prevent me from being marked.

“Since we’re all here, Miranda why don’t enlighten us on why the hell you chose to interrupt my mating ceremony” I address her sarcastically.

I wonder if she would have the courage to do that, now that Darren was present. It would only prove to Darren that no matter what, the bitch still wanted Sebastian. That she only settled on him because Sebastian kicked her to the curb.

“Sebastian can’t mark you. He shouldn’t mark you”

“You keep saying that but you haven’t given the reason why he shouldn’t” the elder who was overseeing our ceremony snorts at her in disgust.

It seems that Miranda wasn’t well liked at all. I survey those surrounding us. They all have a look of disgust directed at her. Making me wonder what she did that made her so unpopular with the pack.

In my survey I note that the children are no longer present. Someone must have taken them inside the pack house when Miranda arrived causing drama and interrupting a sacred ceremony.

“Why are you interrupting their ceremony my love?” Darren asks her in a soft intimate voice. “Just let them be. Let them have their happiness”

I roll my eyes at that just as I hear Sebastian snort next to me. What a dickhead. As if we needed his permission to be happy.

What Darren said seems to trigger her because she finally explodes.

“Because I’m pregnant with his child!” she shouts pointing at Sebastian.

Everyone stands still. Frozen in shock. Unable to comprehend what she just said. It was as if we were stuck in a time loop.

“That’s not possible” Sebastian says coldly. His eyes fixated on Miranda. The look he gives her sends shivers down my spine.

“I’ll have to agree with him.” Darren adds his jaw clenched.

Darren seems astounded. Like he just couldn’t believe what came out of her mouth. He looked at her like he had never seen her before. Like he doesn’t recognize the woman standing before him.

I watch them. Watching the drama unfold, unable to do anything. This couldn’t be happening. Not now when I was about to get everything in my life sorted. When I was about to say goodbye to going feral.

“It’s true” She says. Looking at me smugly. Like she has won. “I told you Sebastian is mine, they’re both mine”

The shocked looks turn into disgust once she says that. It’s as if they couldn’t stomach looking at her.

“How’s this possible? How are you pregnant with his baby?” Darren whispers.

I can already tell the heartbreak that is taking over after realizing that Miranda must have cheated on him if indeed what she was saying was the truth.

“No!” Sebastian growls. “She’s fucking lying. We both know I haven’t been with you since before we broke our mating”

“I’m not lying. You just don’t remember it. The night of the Hillview charity event we spent the night together”

“The same night you told me you would be out of town?” Darren asks slowly. His eyes downcast. She nods her head.


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