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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 22

“Sit” Sebastian commands, while taking his own seat.

If I were being honest this felt a lot like being summoned to the principal’s office. I was anxious and I couldn’t sit still. I kept shifting in nervousness.

Sebastian looked like he was freshly out of the shower. His hair was still damp and for the first time since I met him he was in casual clothing. He was in a v-neck t-shirt that showcased his bulging biceps and a pair of jeans. The clothes didn’t do him justice but I still had to admit that he looked good both with clothes and without clothes.

“You haven’t been here a day and you’re already causing trouble” he states, his voice firm and it brings me from my perusal of his body. I sit up straight feeling chastised.

I cross and then uncross my legs. “In my defense she was being a bitch”

“Really? You weren’t the one I found on the floor with a broken and bleeding nose”

I stare at him. My emotions raging between being angry and slapping him across the cheek. So he was defending his fuck buddy, how nice to know where his loyalties lay.

I sigh. “What do you want me to do Sebastian? Just take it while the woman you’ve been fucking mocks me and tells me that by the end of today it’s her name you’ll be moaning?”

He doesn’t say anything. Just looks at me intensely while deep down I hope that what the woman said wasn't true and that Sebastian will remain faithful like we had agreed. I refuse to be made a fool twice by a man who’s sworn fidelity.

“I know this mating is a contact only like you keep reminding me, but I’ll be damned if I let a slut that spreads her legs for you disrespect me. As long as we’re in this contract, I’m still luna of the pack and she’ll give me the respect I deserve or she’ll pay for it” I grit. “She may be on her back for you like the hoe she is but I’m the luna. She should fucking remember her place”

He just smirks, making me want to smack the silly grin of his face.

" For the record, she doesn't lie on her back" he says and I begin to relax that' s until he adds.

"She's usually on all fours" he says in an evil glint.

"You arrogant fucking bastard" I snarl, almost coming out of my seat.

How the hell does he rile me up so easily?

“Calm down kitten. No need to bring out the claws” he says in a chuckle.

It is then that I realize that I wasn’t really in trouble. In fact I felt like I had just passed a test or something. He leans back on his chair. One of his hands drums on the table while the other was underneath it. Why the hell did I find that so sexy? And why is his scent so intoxicating all of a sudden?

He smelled clean and fresh but underneath that he smelled like earth, spice and incredibly male. I liked that a lot. Darren always covered himself with cologne blocking out his natural scent and I hated that. The fact Sebastian saw no need to bathe in expensive colognes did something unnerving to me.

“You were testing me, weren’t you?” I ask bringing my mind back to the present.

He smiles for the first time. I’m shocked to see a dimple appear on his left cheek “Of course. I had to see what you would do if you're placed in such a situation where you needed to defend yourself to me. I may like my women submissive but I prefer my luna having a backbone to not only stand up to me but anyone else in the pack”

I sag in my chair in relief that I haven’t blown my chances. I was worried that I had overstepped my boundaries. In Darren’s pack I wasn't allowed to punish anyone even if they had been disrespectful as per Darren's orders. I never realized that his order had been a disrespect to me as his luna and mate. until now.

I was never his equal like I had thought so many times. I was just too in love, too blinded to see the red flags that were in neon lights. With Sebastian, it was different. For the first time I felt like an equal and not like a trophy luna.

“Thank you” I say softly, fighting back the tears. He will never know just how much this meant to me.

He looked at me in question but I don’t elaborate what the thanks was for. Our stare down is interrupted when the door opens and Micah walks in.

“The pack doctor is here. He’s ready to check Miranda” he says. Looking at Sebastian before turning to me.

“You’ve made quite the impression luna, even the warriors can’t stop talking about how badass you are” he states. Smiling at me like he was a proud father.

I laugh. Feeling pride coursing through my veins. “Thanks”

“Can we now go?” Sebastian says, back to being in a somber mood.

The smile that was on my face slips and I nod. We follow Micah out and soon we’re in their pack dungeon. Miranda was shackled to the floor. The arrogant, beautiful woman I was used to now gone.

We find Darren, Claire and Brent waiting together with a man who I assumed was the doctor. He looked around fifty. His hair already greying. For a man that age he seemed to be fit and in great shape not to mention hot. That's if you were into older guys.

“Alpha, Luna” he greets Sebastian and I.


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