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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 23

“Stop! Where are you two going in such a rush?” I ask Jax and Krys.

They stop in their tracks but they don’t turn to face me which makes me suspicious. They’re getting along really well but it has been hard keeping up with the both of them. Some of the mischievousness they have gotten into has made me almost lose my freaking mind. I truly don’t know how parents with children so close in age deal.

“Turn around” I say but they don’t listen. “Right now” I command.

They slowly turn around and I gasp. They were covered from head to toe in mud which was weird because their backs were somewhat clean. How did I not see this coming?

“You two better have a good explanation on why the hell you look like you swam in mud” I shout, furious.

I swear these two were going to drive me to the grave early.

“It was all Jax’s fault mom. He said I was chicken. That I couldn’t make a mud angel with my front. I told him I was not so he dared me” Krystal says glaring at Jax, while he grins.

“I knew I shouldn’t have listened. Some of it got into my mouth and it doesn’t taste as good as a chocolate pudding” she adds, shaking her head. Disappointment written all over her face.

“Wait, what’s a mud angel?” I ask.

Jax is the one that answers. “Well it’s kind of a snow angel but instead of snow, you use mud”

I’ll never be used to the things children come up with. Krystal has always been a simple girl. Preferring to play with her Barbie dolls but ever since they became close she’s become different. More outgoing. Preferring to be outdoors with Jax.

I can’t even count the number of stupid things they have dared each other to do. It was starting to drive me crazy. I was used to raising a girl but a boy is totally different. No wonder Claire used to complain that Mason was driving her up the wall.

“And you both thought this idea was good, why?”

None of them answer. Jax just shrugs his shoulders while Krystal keeps shifting from one foot to another.

“Up to your rooms right now. I want both of you freshly cleaned in the next thirty minutes” I say sternly. Placing my hands on my hips.

“But-but…” Jax begins, trying to think of an excuse but I interrupt me.

“No buts Jax. Upstairs now!”

They must have heard the warning in my voice because they scramble and leave.

“I’m never getting another child” I mutter to myself.

‘Tell me about it. I’m already exhausted and I’m not the one who has to deal with them’ Blue says just as I hear a chuckle from behind.

I turn sharply and find a woman I’ve never seen before staring at me with a smile. We’ve been in the pack house for almost a week now and I probably recognize most people. I would have remembered her if I had seen her.

She looks oddly familiar. She has beautiful blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. She has a dust of freckles which makes her look youthful. She’s stunning.

“You look oddly familiar” she tells me echoing my own thoughts.

Just then Michelle, the woman who had ran her mouth passed by, giving me a scathing look. It still pisses me off seeing her face so I mirror the same look back at her. If she thought she was going to intimidate me then she was messing with the wrong bitch.

“Don’t mind her. She’s had a hard on for Bash since they were teenagers and she’s bitter that he never acknowledged her as anything more than a fuck buddy” the blue eyed woman tells me.

“I’m Lily by the way. Micah’s mate. We haven’t been properly introduced since I was at my parent’s pack visiting when you came” she extends her hand and I shake. Thinking that it made sense why she looked familiar now that she has mentioned whose mate she is.

“Lauren, but you already know that” I say sheepishly to which she just smiles big.

“You can call me Ren though”

We chatted for a while and I decided I liked her. She reminded me so much of Claire. Both had a bubbly personality and had a way of easing anyone they cross paths with.

After thirty minutes she leaves me in the living room after making me promise that we would hang out later. I go and check on Krystal and Jax. Finding them in the movie room watching some animation. They were both clean thankfully.

I head downstairs and make them some snacks before taking it to them. After making sure that they are all settled in I leave them to their movies.

I’m greeted by most pack members that I pass by and I’m honestly grateful that they have accepted me in such a huge way.

I was about to head outside when I remember not seeing Sebastian during lunch time. We decided to stay in the pack house and work from home while we waited for the results on the DNA test. I haven’t seen him much. He’s always locked up in his office. I’m suspecting he sleeps there just so he can avoid sharing a bed with me.

“You should bring him something to eat” Blue advises.

I sigh knowing the action probably won’t be welcomed. “I don’t think that’s a good idea”

“Why? This is a perfect opportunity to act like the perfect mate. Don’t think that the remaining pack members wouldn’t have noticed. What kind of mate doesn’t care whether her mate eats or not?”

“Oh come on, I’m taking care of the kids…that should be enough” I grumble, almost stomping my feet.

“Just take to him the damn food”


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