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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 24


I stare at the woman who I thought loved me. She looks nothing like her impeccable self. Her hair has not been brushed for days and her skin looked pale and ashy. Even though she had changed clothes they weren’t her usual designer brands. I could tell that she hated that.

After the paternity tests had come out, Sebastian had handed her over to the council for trial. His claims based on her drugging him then taking advantage of him. Also lying about the child she was carrying being his.

Given he was a prominent alpha the council had responded immediately. Taking her off his hands and locking her in their cells as she awaited trial.

“Why Miranda? Tell me why” I ask her, unable to hide the tremble in my voice.

I was allowed to see her only because I was her mate. I couldn’t stop myself from coming to see her. I just wanted. Needed to know why she did this to me. To us. Nobody knew that I came to see her. Otherwise they wouldn’t have approved of this visit.

She shrugs her shoulders. “It’s really nothing personal Darren. Stop taking it to heart”

I look at her as if I’ve never seen her before. Is this the same woman who had approached me a year ago with her claims of love? Telling me that even though she got mated to Sebastian she never got over me? That she always loved me.

How could I have been so blind and stupid? She was so sweet and loving and like the fool I am, I fell for her act. I left Lauren, the perfect mate. Trampled on her love all for her and all she can tell me is that it’s nothing personal?

“How is it nothing personal? You fucking cheated on me with multiple men” I shout at her. Still unable to grasp the truth after a little investigation.

I was losing it. My anger and pain warring against each other. Kai was shattered when we got the results and realized the pup she was carrying wasn’t ours and neither was it Sebastian’s. The realization literally brought us to the ground.

She rolls her eyes and just looks at me unbothered. Like this was nothing of importance to her. Like my pain was insignificant. She was my fucking mate. My fated mate and it’s as if she felt absolutely nothing for us.

“When Sebastian and I separated, he took everything from me. I was left with nothing. I needed someone to cushion my fall from grace. You were the perfect man for the job” she says, staring at her nails as if she hasn’t just crushed my world.

“Perfect man for the job?” I ask stupidly. Unable to believe what I was hearing.

She replies non committedly. “Hmm”

“So you used me?”

“Pretty much” she says with a cold smile

How have I never noticed how cold she was? How cruel and deceitful she was. This version I was seeing of her clashed with the one I knew. The one she pretended to be. I wanted to blame the world, blame Lauren for not fighting harder for me. Blame my family for allowing me to fall for her trap. But in the end the blame is on me.


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