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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 26


“Anything yet?” I ask, staring at my beta referring to the case currently burning my brain’s nervous system.

Two more bodies have been found and so far no one can tell me anything. We first thought that the killer was hunting humans only, but the two recent bodies were werewolves. They’re switching things up. So far the body toll has risen to twelve and we still don’t have a damn clue to guide in catching the killer.

I’ve just gotten back from work and I had a pounding headache. I look around and notice Lauren wasn’t around which was weird, given that she is usually home from work before me. Right now she would be in the living room playing some stupid game with the kids. She made sure to cook dinner every day before tucking the kids to bed each night without fail.

Miranda never ever fucking bothered to cook our meals. Or even to look after her own son. She always relegated the tasks to the omega who was working for me. Saying that’s what she was paid to do. The only thing the bitch did the whole day was spend my hard earned money.

Thinking about her makes me ball my fist. The need to hit something driving me ballistic. Fang growls in my head sharing the same thought with me. I honestly wouldn’t mind ending her pathetic life and feeding her carcasses to the rogues.

“Let’s talk in your office” Micah answers, his voice grim.

“Go ahead. I’ll meet you there” I reply, before heading to the kitchen.

I find Monica preparing dinner. She’s an Omega who has been with me for years and is about the sweetest woman I know. Jax views her as his grandmother in every fucking way. Since Miranda’s parents were just like their daughter and my parents were no more.

“Is my mate back from work?”

She shakes her head. “She’s not back yet. Krys really wanted to talk her…She sounded desperate”

My eyebrows draw together at that. Krystal has been living with us since we came back to the city two weeks ago. Darren made the right decision to ask Lauren to stay with her. As I hear, the fucking bastard does nothing but get drunk and mop around like the fucking pussy he was.

“Did she why she wanted to talk to her mom?”

“No sir” she shakes her head again.

I groan at her. “How many times will I tell you to stop calling me sir?”

She doesn’t reply, just gives me a playful smile. She was around sixty years old and her mate Dan was my personal driver.

My mind turns back to the issue at hand.

“Where are Krystal and Jax?”

Something must have been off because I’ve not seen her cry since she came to live with us. And the fact that she kept asking for Lauren was also weird.

“Krystal cried herself to sleep and Jax fell asleep trying to comfort her” she replies with sadness in her voice. It’s so clear that she cared for Krystal. Even though she has only know the girl for a short time.

I ask her to let me know once they’re awake before leaving. I head to my office and find Micah going through the reports. I’ve pushed everything aside to focus on catching this killer. My company was being managed by my VP so I knew it was in capable hands.

“Fuck, I still can’t get over how gory and bloody these images are…However did this, very much enjoyed killing his or her victims” he puts the pictures back on my desk.

“There’s no fucking way the killer is a woman. The damage caused is too great to be done by one. Even the pathologist that examined the bodies thinks so. We’re looking for a man around a hundred and eighty five pounds”

I hated how this case had us running in fucking circles. The thing that puzzled us most is that there is no scent near or around the scenes. How is it possible to kill someone and leave nothing behind? Today we had a council meeting and agreed that we were now dealing with a fucking serial killer.

“We tried looking at CCTV cameras but there were none in the area. So either this guy was lucky or he was fucking clever and only killed in areas that had no cameras.” Micah said. His hands fisted.

This whole thing was driving us crazy. Putting everyone on edge. We have not released any announcement to the public yet. But if the killings continue we will have to warn our people.

A small knock interrupts us.

“Come in”

Jax walks in first. Holding Krystal who had swollen eyes and looked scared to death. Her eyes kept shifting from me to Micah and then to the room.

“Dad, can we talk to you…Krys needs help” Jax says, looking at me pleadingly.

I turn to look at the girl. She shrinks back into herself. As if she was afraid of me. I haven’t given her any reason to be afraid of me but I haven’t exactly gone out of my way to interact with her also. Micah kicks me under the table and I was about to curse him. When I realized I still had the frown on my face.

I force my face to relax. “Come here princess” I tell her gently.

She looks at Jax as if asking him if it was okay to do that.

“It’s okay Krys…My dad won’t hurt you and neither will uncle Micah. I promise that they’re the good guys” he assures her and she nods. My heart warms at the trust and love in his voice.


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