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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 27



“Buddy, could you go get Monica?” I ask Jax, trying to keep the edge from my voice.

He looks up before nodding. Handing the phone back to Micah, he leaves. Minutes later he’s back with Monica in tow.

“You called?” she says as she wipes her hands down her apron.

I stand up gently with Krystal in my arms. I didn’t want to wake her up. After the events of the day, she needed the sleep. I can’t fucking imagine how it was for her. Dreaming of what happened to her mother. The fact that she tried calling her father and the dick didn’t pick up makes me more furious. Maybe just fucking maybe if he had picked up, they would have been able to help Red.

“Please take her to her room. She’s tired” I tell her. Handing over Krystal to her. Thankfully she doesn’t stir.

“Will make sure to tuck her in. Should I take Jax with me too?” she must have sensed the atmosphere in the room.

I nod my head and she calls for Jax to follow her.

“You’ll find Miss Lauren, right dad? I don’t like seeing Krystal sad and I love having her mom here with us…she cooks delicious food” Jax says then turns to Monica. “No offense to you nana”

“None taken champ” Monica replied with a smile.

I needed them to leave so I could get down to business. Don’t get me wrong I love Jax more than anything but I had a missing wife to find.

“I will Jax. Now go with Monica so your uncle and I can focus on finding Krystal’s mom”

With that assurance he leaves, following Monica and closing the door silently behind him.

I turn to Micah. “Fuck! After the last attack I should have placed some of the warriors as her bodyguards.” I say hitting the table.

I hated feeling like a fucking failure. I had promised her that my name would offer her protection but it clearly didn’t because someone still fucking kidnapped her.

“Don’t beat yourself up. It wasn’t your fault.” Micah tries to reassure me.

“We need to find her now” I growl.

My mind is in turmoil trying to figure out who was trying to kill her. It could be one of many enemies. Given the attacks started when she began associating with me. But for some reason this seemed a bit more personal. Whoever was behind this wanted her dead for some fucking reason.

The investigation we conducted led us nowhere. The four men who attacked her had nothing useful to tell me. All they said is that their contact just gave them the job. Told them they would get paid once they killed her. They never met the person personally. So they had no fucking idea who it was.

“Get Hunter on the phone” I command, referring to my head warrior.

Hunter wasn’t his real name. We just called him that because he was fucking good at tracking. Micah nods his head before dialing his number and putting him on a speaker.

“Boss?” he answers immediately.

“I want you to meet us at Ruby’s collection. I want you on a trail” My tone comes out harsher than I intended but fuck it.

“On it boss” he replies before hanging up.

“We driving or running?” Micah asks.

It was night time so it wouldn’t be easy to spot us.

“Running. It’s faster” I answer.

Opening my back door. We get outside. Fang takes over ripping our clothes and roaring. For some strange fucking reason he’s taken a liking to Red and her wolf.

Our paws pound the ground as we dash through the thick forest. Our only thought was on finding Lauren. About thirty minutes we break through the forest. We’re careful to keep in the shadows as we approach the parking lot.

We find Hunter already there. Standing next to Claire and her mate with a set of clothes. I notice that Darren wasn’t present. What a fucking bastard. We take them in our mouths before going behind a truck to change.

“Can you show us where Lauren’s car is?” I ask.

“Yeah sure” her voice trembles and it’s clear she’s been crying.

She leads us to Lauren’s Mercedes. Thankfully she didn’t touch anything. She left things as they were. Hunter gets to work doing his thing. He stills after a few minutes.

“You found something?” I ask him.

“Yeah. I found a trail leading north. The attacker's scent is mixed with blood and that of the Luna”

Fang growls and it slips past my clenched jaw. “Good let’s head out”

“I’m coming with you but shouldn’t we take back up with us?” Darren’s beta says making Micah and Hunter chuckle

“Your alpha may be a weak fucker but I’m not. I don’t need fucking back up”


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