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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 30

“First thing’s first, how are you feeling?” Sebastian begins the moment I enter his office.

To be honest I was beginning to wonder if the man ever relaxes. For the close to three weeks I have lived with him, I have never seen him relaxing. Or just chilling in the living room, game room or even the theatre room.

He is always cooped up in his office and if he’s not there he is out or running in the forest. It is even rare for him to join us during dinner. I wonder if he even sleeps. I guess he doesn’t and his workers are used to this otherwise they would have started wondering why the hell he was sleeping with his luna.

“I’m okay, the wound is still a bit sore but that’s it”

It was hours after he had forced me to shift. The moment we got inside I rushed to put on clothes before the kids could see me. After that I got busy with preparing dinner and getting Jax and Krystal to bathe and finally into bed.

I take a seat and focus on him. Slumping against the chair feeling drained and exhausted. All I wanted was to get it over with and go to sleep.

“What did you want to talk about?” I ask. Staring at him.

His face gives away nothing and I wonder how it is he can hide his emotions so well. I’ve known him for a few months and the only expression I have been able to read from him is mainly anger. Other times he is just expressionless. You’ll never see worry, or happiness or even frustration from him.

“The men that kidnapped you. Did they tell you something useful?”

I sigh and he leans forward. Ready to hear what I was about to say. The last thing I wanted was to rehash what happened but I had no choice. If we were going to get to the bottom of this then I had to tell him what I knew.

“They only said that somebody approached them with an offer to get revenge on me. They were supposed to kill me” I reply.

His eyes narrowed into slits. “Revenge? Did you know them?”

“Not really. I fired them on my first day back to work for harassing me. They didn’t know I was part owner of Ruby’s but still that didn’t give them the right to manhandle” I huff in annoyance still thinking of that day.

Thinking about what they did still pisses me off. And then to have them kidnap me just because I put them in their place makes me even more livid. They were the type of people who would never admit that they were wrong. Or take responsibility for their own stupid actions. They had no right to treat any woman like that. It was just despicable.

“They told me that someone who shared the same hatred for me approached them with the deal to kill me, and they accepted since it would be a win-win situation. They would get their revenge and whoever the person is would have me dead”

“They didn’t tell you who the person was?”

“Nope” I reply, trying to push away the memory of that night.

I still can’t believe that they could be that cruel. Especially to a woman. I grimace when I think of the pain as they punched me over and over again. Then to have them sink into my shoulder. I rolled my hand glad to note that it was fully healed. Yes we are wolves and we heal quickly when we are hurt. It still hurts like bitch though.

“Tell me Red, who hates you so much that they would want you dead?” he questions. “Someone who has already tried killing you thrice”

I don’t answer at first, just stare at him. His eyes are inquisitive, like he was trying to read me. Trying to find the answers that are buried deep. Answers that I didn’t have. His brain was working. I can see it in his eyes. Trying to piece in the information.

“I honestly don’t know. The only one I can think of is Miranda and she’s still in the council dungeons so that’s a moot point”

His look changes and his eyebrows furrow. I immediately knew that I wouldn't like what he was about to tell me.

“The council elders released her. Given she is pregnant they couldn’t keep her in the cells but she’s being monitored. The elders set a spy on her so she doesn’t know that they’re tracking her every move. After she gives birth she’ll be tried and sentenced” he says through ground teeth.

I know why he’s not happy at the prospect of Miranda being free. Not after what the bitch did to him. I also get why the elders did that. For werewolves our most prized possessions are our pups. They mean a lot to the society and are protected at all costs.

A dungeon isn’t a place for a pregnant woman. Even if the particular woman we are talking about is a cold hearted serpent. The child in her womb is innocent. He or she didn’t choose to have a despicable mother like Miranda.

“I get why you are angry but understand the council. The bloody woman is pregnant and like it or not that child is Jax’s half sibling” I breathed.


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