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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 34


“…And the public has been advised to be careful as they go about their business, the serial killer is still at large and the police and FBI are yet to identify who it is”

I watch the TV with nervousness. This was the same serial killer that Sebastian and the wolf council are hunting down. Unbeknown to humans, they were dealing with a supernatural creature. A rogue.

The death toll has risen with a new murder every other week. Given the severity of the situation the FBI decided to warn people. The same was done on our side. With the council asking us to be on the lookout for rogues.

Rogues were wolves that were banished. Or refused to submit to pack rules. Usually they weren’t dangerous, just free spirited. But there were those that were killers, and lived to cause trouble.

I was honestly scared out of my mind. The troublesome rogues were problematic but never in this capacity. They killed mostly those that got in their way but this? This was something different. I couldn’t shake the images of the mangled bodies of the victims. Whoever was doing this needed to be stopped. Before humans caught on to the fact that the person committing these merciless killings wasn’t human.

“Mommy, can we go play outside by the pond?” Krystal’s voice interrupts my thoughts.

I turn to reply but I find her frozen. Her face looking at the TV. She looks ashen and terrified. Shit! She shouldn’t have seen that. I scramble to switch it off, before turning back to her.

“Krystal?” I call but she doesn’t answer. Her eyes still fixed on the now blank screen.

I call her again but she still doesn’t answer. I move towards her and her eyes roll to the back of her head. Leaving only the whites.

“Krystal!” I shake her but nothing happens.

All of a sudden she starts speaking. Her voice unnaturally deep. She was talking in a foreign language. One I’ve never heard before.

“Please baby, you’re scaring me” my voice trembles.

I couldn’t stop the tears that were falling down my face. Nor the shake that had taken over. I see Monica running into the living room.

“What’s going on?”

She comes to stand next to me and stills. Her mouth open in a gasp. Her hand on her chest.

“I don’t know. She was asking me if she could play and then this happened. She won’t answer me” I cry terrified.

Krystal continues talking in that foreign language. She suddenly twists and looks at me. She continues speaking as if I understand her but I didn’t understand shit. Just as I was about to tell Monica to call Sebastian, she collapses in my arms.

“Baby?” I ask afraid. Checking her pulse. I sigh in relief when I feel it strongly.

Seconds in, she opens her eyes and they're back to normal. Her eyes fix on me. She looks at me strangely before smiling.

“You haven’t answered me mommy. Can we go to play?” she says before her eyebrows scrunch in a frown. “And why are we on the floor? Why are you crying?”

I wipe the tears from my face. Registering that Monica was kneeling beside me. Her breaths fast and ragged.

“Krystal” I begin. “Where did you learn that language?”

I was so confused. She has never taken any foreign language except Chinese, Italian and French. What she spoke was neither of those. Neither was it any language I’ve heard before.

“What language? I just came to ask if Jax and I can play near the pond but you won’t answer” she replies in exasperation.

It then occurs to me that she doesn’t remember. The last thing she seems to remember was about playing in the pond but nothing else.

Shaken, I nod my head. “Okay sweetie. But be careful”

She hugs me before skipping away. Calling Jax. He appears running down the stairs and they leave through the back door.


He was one of the warriors who was on duty today. He rounds the corner and enters the room. When he sees us, he frowns a little. Probably wondering why we were on the floor.

“Yes Luna?” he asks in a small bow

“Please watch the kids. They’ve gone to play near the pond” I say shakily.

He stares at us for a while before nodding. He then leaves, following after the children. The moment he does I collapse on the floor. I pull my hands through my hair, now realizing that they were shaking.

“The language she spoke” Monica begins.

I look at her worried. “What about it?”

She looks at me in question. Or was it wonder. I couldn’t be sure.

“It’s the forgotten language of the gods and goddess.” She says, shaking my already shaken foundation.

“How do you know that?” I question her.

She answers immediately. “The Oracle speaks it sometimes, either when she gets a glimpse of the future or the goddess or fates are speaking to her. Giving her a message or a warning of things hidden, unknown or what’s to come. I asked her once about it when I went to visit, she told me it’s the language of deities”

If what she was saying was true then it meant that Sebastian was right. Krystal was the next Oracle. It was the only explanation.

“Please don’t tell anyone about what you just saw” I beg.


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