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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 35

“Oh my god” Lilly yelps.

Damn, do I know what she’s feeling. How are there so many of them? In every shape and form. My head was about to explode.

“How am I supposed to choose?” I murmur, my eyes transfixed and both Lilly and Claire have their mouths hanging open.

This was completely new to us. As werewolves, we are sexual creatures and we mostly prefer our partners living and breathing. Not battery operated toys.

“That’s why I’m here darling. To help you” Tom replies.

I look around at the different types. There were tiny ones that looked like spirals. There were those that looked like penises in all sizes. There were even honest to god full toys. I’m talking about a full grown man toy, with his bits hanging out. I study that particular one wondering how the hell someone is supposed to use it. Missionary was out of the question. So maybe cowgirl.

I shake my head and look at Tom.

“Have you ever used a sex toy before?” He enquires looking at each one of us.

We shake our heads.

“Okay, so we are going to start with something easy for you…You can try the vibrator or the thrusting dildo”

“The what now?” Claire gulps. Looking at him with wide eyes. “What the hell is a thrusting dildo?”

Tom doesn’t answer at first. He just takes one of the toys that looked like a dick. He connects it to a socket and it well, uh, starts thrusting.

“Hmm, the name makes sense now” Lilly says slowly.

“This is our best seller, because it looks real, has an internal heating system and all you have to do is plug it and it will do the rest” he pauses before continuing. “It also feels real, soft and velvety almost like you’re touching a real penis…here feel it”

He thrust the thing into my hand before I could protest. I wrap my hand around it uncomfortably. He was right. It felt like I was touching a real cock. Even its warmth was on point.

“What the hell have I just walked into?” Hunter's deep voice makes me jump.

“This isn’t what it looks like” I rush to say. I’m a grown woman, his Luna but at that moment I felt really defensive. Like I owed him an explanation

His eyes are focused on my hand which is still holding the penis. With a squeak, I let it go and it falls to the ground. His eyes still follows it. He glares at it for a while before his eyes come back to me. I was burning bright red by now.

“I’m just gonna wait outside” he stutters weirdly before backing out slowly.

I watch him walk out but I don’t say anything. The whole thing was embarrassing. How was I ever going to live this down if he ever decided to tell anyone? Especially if he told Sebastian.

“That was awkward” Claire says, shifting from foot to foot.

“I think I’ll just go with the vibrator. It seems less complicated” I murmur.

Plus it would be easier to hide. Sometimes Sebastian takes showers in our bedroom so a vibrator is better than a real life looking penis.

“Excellent choice. What about the rest of you?” Tom asks.

I pick up the item I had dropped and put it back on the table. Surprisingly Claire decides to buy one. I didn’t expect her to, given she was the more freaked one between the three of us.

“What? It may come in handy on those days when Brent is on pack business” she said shrugging.

Tom tallies up our totals and we pay. Thankfully he wraps them up in a discreet way. We say our goodbyes and leave.

We find Hunter seated on the bench outside. He avoids eye contact with us which irritates me.

“Hunter” I call him and he looks up. “If you breathe a word about this to anyone I will end you…got it?” I say in a threatening voice.

Claire and Lilly laugh when he swallows hard before nodding. He genuinely looked scared.

I smile in satisfaction. “Good, now let’s go and eat”

We end up at a fast food joint where we order shakes, fries and burgers. There was nothing better than sinking your stomach in calories after shopping.

“Did you know that Darren was forced to step down as alpha by Mark?” Claire asks me.

That comes as a shock. I never really expected Darren’s dad to make him step down. Darren was an only child and he was loved by his parents so it’s hard to imagine that.

I shake my head. “I didn’t know…why? And when did it happen?”

“I’m assuming Darren is your ex-mate?” Lilly interrupts while taking a bit of her burger.

I nod at her before turning to Claire who was now speaking.

“I think it was Tuesday. He’s gotten bad since the whole Miranda fiasco. He barely stays sober. Mark was afraid that he would sink the pack. So now Brent is the acting alpha”

I want to feel sorry for him but I don’t. Serves him right for chasing after that bimbo.

“Wow, No wonder he hasn’t been to see Krystal even she has requested him”

From there on the chat is more casual. By the time we are done it’s about five. We all get up and leave.

“We should do this again next week. It was fun” Claire suggests and I have to agree.

Lilly and I instantly agree.

Hunter was about to lead them to their cars, when I stopped Claire.

“By the way, bring Mase around, will you? Jax and Krystal say that even though they see him every day at school they would love to have him over”

“Will do. Maybe next Friday after school? I can have him dropped off” she says.



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