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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 4

It’s been a year since I fled from my pain. I had thought my wound would heal, but I had been wrong. I hadn’t healed. Neither had I found closure. Instead something darker had taken root inside me.

As the Uber driver drives past the familiar streets. I’m reminded of why I had left this forsaken country in the first place. I’m reminded of the pain and humiliation I endured one year ago. I’m reminded of Darren’s betrayal.

“I hate this city” Blue murmurs in disgust. Echoing my thoughts.

Within minutes we’re at the hospital. I pay him then get out. I stand for a minute. Watching the towering building. Calming myself.

The hospital is for werewolves only. It was located in a secluded area. We had werewolf government officials who helped us keep it under radar.

If I were being honest, I hadn’t planned on ever coming back. But my godson had been diagnosed with a tumor. Claire had called me crying, afraid and hysterical.

I would do anything for them. So when they both asked me to come, I did. I left everything to come be with them.

Entering the hospital I locate the elevators and get in. Claire had given me the floor and room number. Given this was the same hospital Krystal was born in, I knew where to go.

Minutes later, I’m walking into Mason’s room.

He’s on the bed watching cartoons. Though he was scheduled to have an operation soon. He was calm. Laughing even.

Claire on the other hand looked tired and worn out. Managing our branch here while taking care of a sick son was draining her. This was the other reason I was here. To take care of the company. While she took care of Mason.

“Aunty Renny, you came!” The excited shout brings me from my thoughts.

Claire's eyes snap open. I can see the happiness and relief in her eyes.

“Hi baby boy” I greet him. Kissing his forehead before stepping back.

Turning towards Claire, I open my arms. She basically falls in them. Sagging in relief.

“Hi Claire bear”

She sobs. “Oh gosh Renny, you have no idea how much I’ve missed you. Talking to you on the phone isn’t the same as having you here with me.”

“I’m here now and I will be for as long as you both need me” I whisper softly. Rubbing her back in comfort.

She lets go of me then wipes her tears. She stares at me. As if inspecting me. Studying me.

“There’s something different about you, I can’t wrap my finger around it though”

I just give her a small tight smile. She has no idea just how different I had become.

I turn my attention back to Mason as we both take our seats.

“How’s my favorite godson doing?” I ask.

“Aunty” he says dragging the word. “I’m your only godson”

I grin at that. He was right after all.

“I’ve missed you lots. I’m glad you’re here.” The smile on his face, makes my heart constrict.

I always try my hardest not to think of Krystal. The pain that accompanies those thoughts is something I try to avoid.

“Well I’m here and I brought you lots of presents”

“Really? That’s so cool. I’ve been a good boy. The doctor says I’m a very brave pup and that once I’m completely healed, I’ll get an ice cream treat. My choice”

The calmness and joy in his voice is contagious. For a moment I forget that my heart is frozen. I relax into the moment chatting with him.

Mason is ten but his outlook on life is different. He fills me in on everything I have missed. Especially his new best friend called Jax who comes to visit every day.

At that, I look at Claire in question. She nods her head confirming it’s Miranda’s son. From there on we chat lightly.

I had spent about three hours with them, when I cut my visit short. I had to go to the office to catch up on work.

I was leaving the room when I came face to face with Darren. He was the last fucking person I wanted to see.

“Lauren?” he asks unsure. As if seeing a ghost or something.

I don’t answer him. Just give him a death stare. We had nothing to talk about anyway.

I was about to bypass him when a body collides with mine. Tiny arms wrap around my waist. I look down to see the top of Krystal’s head.

Shit! I so wasn’t ready for this. She’s my daughter, I love her but I wasn’t ready for this. I was still in a dark place. And my mind couldn’t reconcile the pain and the love buried deep inside my heart.

I wanted to hug her so much. Fuck did I want to, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was still afraid of her rejection. Afraid that she was going to push me away. Afraid she still hated me.

Her hateful words still rung in my ear. I couldn’t shut out her voice. Her voice as she called me an evil witch and other nasty names. Or when she said she was going to pray to the goddess to punish me and send me to hell.


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